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What’s it like to work in Tillo’s Engineering team?

I recently sat down with Junior Software Engineer at Tillo, Gerome Braddock, to find out how his love of coding began, what led...


The ultimate guide to choosing a gift card API

Todays’ digitally-savvy consumers want instant access to the brands they love as the use of digital gift cards is growing - last...


Why invest in a customer loyalty programme?

What is a customer loyalty programme? By definition, a customer loyalty programme is a strategy that aims to keep customers...


Guide to choosing a digital gift card provider

What is a digital gift card provider?  A digital gift card provider - also known as a digital gift card aggregator - enables you...


Top takeaways from the GCVA's 2022 Conference

We thoroughly enjoyed the 2022 GCVA conference - especially as we were able to meet with our partners, retailers, and industry...


6 rewards and incentives use cases

Incentives and rewards are two sides of the same coin. Both enable you to recognise your employees, customers and partners -...

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