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Meet ChoiceLink - the gift card solution for maximum choice

Open up a world of choice with a single link branded to you and personalised to them.

ChoiceLink with gift cards

One link, world-class brands, endless choice


Four examples of a branded Choice Link

A more meaningful multi-retailer experience

We’ve elevated the standard multi-retailer gift card to ensure an unparalleled level of customisation and freedom, empowering you to offer more choice, without sacrificing that personal touch.


Tailor your ChoiceLink to match your brand personality and the unique preferences of your audience.


Consumers can split their ChoiceLink value across multiple brands and retailers, making their gift go further.


Curate your ChoiceLink from our catalogue of 2000+ global brands, giving recipients a choice of redemption options.

Craft your ChoiceLink to be uniquely yours

Setting up your ChoiceLink is as simple as building, branding, and sharing. Here's how you can do it in three easy steps:

1. Build it

Create your ChoiceLink by selecting from our extensive catalogue of 2000+ global brands. Don't know where to start? Opt for one of our pre-curated ChoiceLinks that cater to various interests.

2. Brand it

Next, it's time to make your ChoiceLink distinctively yours. Send us your company branding, and we'll ensure your ChoiceLink echoes your corporate identity.

3. Share it

Compose your email message with a personal touch and choose your recipients. With a simple click of 'Send,' your customers will be greeted with an enticing array of choices tailored just for them.

ChoiceLink customization options
You have a $50 ChoiceLink to spend

Surprise and delight every recipient

Immerse recipients in a unique gifting journey with ChoiceLink. Hand them the power of choice, and let them explore, engage, and redeem at their own pace and preference.


Each recipient receives a personalised email containing your branded ChoiceLink and delivery message.


Recipients can distribute their ChoiceLink value across multiple brands from within your custom catalogue.


ChoiceLink allows partial redemption, enabling recipients to revisit their links and spend at their leisure.

Powered by the Tillo Platform

Seamlessly deliver the power of choice to your customers with our industry-leading embedded rewards and incentives platform.

Round-the-clock customer care

Enjoy industry-leading customer support with a 99% satisfaction rating.

Powerful gift card discounts

Access game-changing gift card discounts and irresistible brand promotions.

Exclusive partnerships

Provide recipients with rewards and incentives that they can't find anywhere else.

Real-time data insights

Experience full transparency and valuable real-time reporting within the Buyer Hub.


Where could a ChoiceLink take you?


Consumer Rewards & Incentives

Personalise every touchpoint in the customer journey.

Employee Rewards & Voluntary Benefits

Maximise productivity and retention with an array of brand choices.

“The simplest, most effective way to get gift cards into your platform”


Ben Collier, Growth Director

What's next?

Experience the unique advantage of a ChoiceLink by booking a demo, or continue exploring with the related resources below.


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