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My Staff Shop

Elevating employee rewards with Tillo

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My Staff shop

About My Staff Shop

My Staff Shop has fine-tuned its offerings to provide customizable, affordable benefits that not only cater to the needs of employees but also deliver tangible returns on investment.

''For employees by employees,' My Staff Shop is an Employee-Owned Trust that delivers unparalleled employee benefits that give people access to relevant and helpful savings that can make a real impact on their daily lives while also increasing engagement and overall employee well-being.


Employee Rewards



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My Staff Shop faced operational challenges, particularly in gift card processing and API reliability.



My Staff Shop partnered with Tillo for a robust and reliable connection to 2000+ gift card brands via our award-winning API.



Improved operational efficiencies, allowing My Staff Shop to focus on its customers rather than feeling constrained by its gift card provider.

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By harnessing Tillo's expansive brand network nd intuitive gift platform and API, My Staff Shop has streamlined its benefits offering and enhanced its overall value proposition to employees.  

"We've been in the rewards space for a number of years, and it was getting to the point where our existing gift card provider simply couldn’t provide the quality of service we needed. It became really apparent that we needed to combine our gift card providers into one.”

Gemma Googan, Managing Director of My Staff Shop 

Reliably delivering large volumes when it matters.

Thanks to Tillo's robust platform and attentive customer service, My Staff Shop can now provide exceptional benefits to its end users seamlessly, and operational concerns around delivery during peak periods are a thing of the past.

“We are still quite a small team at My Staff Shop, so, from an operations perspective, we don't have a team that works nights or at the weekend. This means that when we were experiencing high levels of gift card processing errors, or API failures, they really had a huge impact on our end user - and that simply wasn’t good enough.”

“Previously, we really struggled during busy peak periods, which meant a lot more work for our operations team. They came to work and had to pick up the pieces when API calls failed overnight or on weekends. It became clear that we needed to work with someone who could cope with large volumes.”


“Thankfully, those issues disappeared when we switched to Tillo, and it was nice to know we could deliver the products our customers wanted and go into the peak season promoting our full rewards offering, knowing that we could easily deliver the volume and quality.”

“Both operationally and for the finance team, working with Tillo was just a dream, turning what was usually a particularly painful Q4 period into something seamless, resulting in our best year yet!”

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Empowering employees with seamless rewards.

Tillo's comprehensive platform features, including a user-friendly cancellation process and exceptional communication channels, were also a cut above the rest.

“There was always a mismatch between our orders and our old system, which meant that cancellations weren't really a feature because you couldn't use them. I love the solution that Tillo brings in terms of the cancellation process of orders because it's user-friendly. You can actually find an order within seconds and cancel it according to the guidelines you have from your retailers.”

“The Tillo Hub provides really great information on things like promotions and new products. Our account manager, Hannah, is always there, and I don't think it has ever taken her more than a day to get back to me - that just makes for a great, open, and honest partnership.” 

One integration, endless opportunities.

With just one contract and one integration to Tillo’s robust and reliable API, My Staff Shop transformed its operations, regaining the power to do more for its customers and grow its business. 

From failed API calls and false promises to their best Q4 to date - the opportunities are now endless for My Staff Shop with Tillo.

"Going live with Tillo was a really easy implementation process. We've gone through that process three times now with different providers, and it was by far the easiest integration with Tillo, so thank you.”


Immediate digital issuance for efficient distribution nationwide.


A robust platform with zero downtime for an uninterrupted service.


Access to real-time data insights and reporting for trend analysis.

Reporting in the Tollo Hub for greater efficiency

"Both operationally and for the finance team, working with Tillo was just a dream, turning what was usually a particularly painful Q4 period into something seamless, resulting in our best year yet!”

Gemma Googan, Managing Director of My Staff Shop.

"We're incredibly proud of our industry-leading platform and work hard to ensure we always provide our customers with the best tech from which they can build and grow their business. It's great to hear how Tillo has helped improve operations for My Staff Shop, and that's a testament to the robust and reliable platform and API that Tillo is known for. "

- Alex Preece, CEO and Co-Founder of Tillo

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