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Amplifying savings with Tillo's instant cashback on gift cards

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About Cheddar

Cheddar utilises the power of gift card discounts and cutting-edge open banking technology to offer seamless account-linked offers that enhance the everyday shopping experience by providing instant cashback directly linked to consumer spending habits. Aimed at easing the cost of living through smart savings, Cheddar’s platform empowers users to enjoy more from their purchases.


Financial Technology



Cheddar phone screens


Cheddar sought to enrich its existing account-linked offers by offering instant cashback on gift cards. This feature would add an additional layer of value to its app and help users save money at the brands they love to shop at.



Partnering with Tillo enabled Cheddar to integrate a substantial range of gift card offers into their platform, complementing their award-winning account-linked offers with even more significant discounts.



Cheddar can now offer its users a diverse array of cashback opportunities, with cashback on gift cards through Tillo delivered and available instantly from within the Cheddar app. No more waiting for cashback rewards.

Read more about how Cheddar is working with Tillo

Tillo’s robust API seamlessly integrates with Cheddar’s technology, allowing for instant cashback applications when users purchase gift cards through the platform. This process not only simplifies the user experience but also ensures that Cheddar can deliver tailored offers that resonate with the spending habits and preferences of its users.

"Partnering with Tillo allows us to offer not just savings but smarter savings," explains Luke Ladyman, Co-founder of Cheddar. "During tough economic times, it's about giving value back to the consumer in the most effective ways possible and cashback via gift cards allows us to do just that."

Making cashback on gift cards instant and effortless

Cheddar’s use of open banking technology to analyse user purchasing behaviour has been crucial in delivering hyper-targeted, relevant account-linked offers, but account-linked discounts can be time-sensitive. 

To help drive more sustained value back to their end users, Cheddar chose to complement its account-linked offering with the always-on power of digital gift cards.

This integration has not only provided Cheddar’s users with a broader variety of savings options but has also achieved the following:

  • Enhanced re-engagement of lapsed customers with targeted cashback offers
  • Increase in average order value (AOV) as users take advantage of higher cashback rates available through gift cards
  • Higher purchase frequency, with users returning more often to take advantage of a wider range of offers
Cheddar Cashback app
Tillo API powering the Hub

One integration to Tillo = endless cashback opportunities for Cheddar

“We’ve seen incredible engagement from our customers since integrating Tillo’s gift card cashback offers into our platform,” says Luke Ladyman at Cheddar.

“It’s not just about offering savings; it’s about offering a process that's simple and makes a real difference in our users’ lives. The ability to immediately reduce the cost of everything from groceries to electronics with instant cashback is a huge win, and we’ve seen great uptake since launching gift cards on the app.”

Experience the Tillo difference for yourself.


Immediate digital issuance for efficient distribution nationwide.


A robust platform with zero downtime for an uninterrupted service. 


Access to real-time data insights and reporting for trend analysis.  


"Tillo’s extensive brand network and seamless integration allow us to offer a broader range of tailored, impactful cashback rewards that resonate deeply with our users' needs and preferences. Their commitment to innovation and quality made them the ideal choice for Cheddar as we strive to create the UK's largest bank-powered rewards app."

Luke Ladyman, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Cheddar


"Bringing the Cheddar partnership to life has been a rewarding journey, underpinned by our shared vision of making savings more accessible and impactful for consumers. By integrating our extensive network of gift card brands with Cheddar's cutting-edge open banking technology, we've crafted a solution that not only enhances savings but also deepens customer engagement. This collaboration is a testament to the synergy between our technologies and our teams, and I am thrilled to see how it revolutionises the way consumers approach cashback."

Leigh Carrington, Senior Business Development Manager, Tillo

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