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Episode 8 - Captain Rosie Wild: The First Woman to Conquer P Company

Posted on 30 January 2024
Read time 1 mins
Author Sophia 🌱

Up next on the Wild Cards Podcast, hosted by Tillo's CEO, Alex Preece, we're talking to none other than Captain Rosie Wild, the first woman to pass the grueling Paratrooper course, also known as P Company. 

Overcoming Challenges and The Power of Positivity

Initially barred from joining the army due to an injury, Rosie faced a pivotal moment. With two paths in front of her - quitting or transforming this setback into an opportunity - she chose the latter, and this go-getter attitude led her not only to recover from injury to join the army but also to excel, culminating in her commission into the Royal Artillery in 2016 and earning her the prestigious Sword of Honour. 

But Rosie’s journey didn’t stop there, and just a few short years later, she became the first woman to complete the demanding P Company course, allowing her to join the infamous Paratroopers.

Although women have made several attempts to complete the Paratrooper course since the mid-1990s, Captain Rosie Wild is the first to pass, marking this a pivotal moment in history and inspiring countless future generations of women to give the test a go. 

What to Expect in Wild Cards Episode 8 

In this episode of the Wild Cards podcast, Rosie takes us through her military journey, sharing insights into how she turned life's biggest challenges into strengths and what it means to be the first woman to pass the infamous P Company test. 

We also hear how Rosie continued pushing herself and her body beyond its limits to become a world-class athlete, competing in triathlons and Iron Man competitions and completing the TCS 2023 London Marathon in 02:43:40 to come 14th out of 20,000+ runners!

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