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Open Banking & Embedded Finance

Powering customer engagement with digital gift cards in open banking

Unlock the potential of embedded rewards and incentives and supercharge the adoption of Open Banking.

Choose Open Banking at checkout as incentive
One integration, global connection, endless opportunities


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Consumer Rewards & Incentives

Incentivise adoption and reward repeat usage of Open Banking

Tap into the power of embedded digital rewards to enhance every stage of the customer experience when a person chooses to try Open Banking.




Entice new users to try Open Banking with incentives from big-name brands.




Incentivise repeat engagement and behaviour change with irresistible rewards.



Cement yourself as a preferred choice with rewarding loyalty programmes.

Cash Out

Make it rewarding to adopt Open Banking

Transform earnings, points, or prizes into digital gift cards by embedding Tillo’s extensive brand catalogue into your Open Banking or Embedded Finance loyalty programme.


Immediate digital issuance for efficient distribution and instant gratification.


A robust platform you can trust. Zero downtime for an uninterrupted service.


Rewards worth breaking habits for. Easy to redeem and universally understood.


Access 2000+ global brands with a single API integration. Just Plug and Go.

Rewarding customers for using Open Banking

Technology you can trust

Experience the versatility of Tillo’s Platform

Explore powerful tools and custom solutions that cater to the unique needs of Open Banking and Embedded Finance.


buyer hub

Buyer Hub

Browse and connect with new gift card brands, manage available funds, and access advanced real-time reporting, all from within Tillo’s Buyer Hub. 



Seamlessly plug into 2000+ global brands with our award-winning gift card API. One contract, one integration, full access to Tillo's global brand catalogue. 




Tap into a B2C white label gift card Mall with Tillo StoreFront and gain access to the entirety of Tillo’s brand catalogue with no coding required.

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The flexible reward and incentive for maximum impact. Branded to you and personalised to contain the brands you choose. 

What next?

From enhancing user experience to boosting profits, discover the real-world impact of our platform and browse the related resources below. 


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Exploring the power of embedded rewards

Exploring the power of embedded rewards and incentives

Power of personalized rewards and incentives

The potential of personalized rewards and incentives in embedded finance

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