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Delivering a 98% engagement rate for Virgin Media 02 with employee rewards powered by Tillo

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Ocasta Engage Customer Story - Tillo

About Ocasta

The Ocasta suite of apps amplifies the performance of frontline teams by delivering them communications, learning, knowledge, insights, recognition, and coaching when it matters.

Ocasta's frontline comms and training-specific app, Ocasta Engage, bridges the learning-doing gap for businesses by bringing microlearning alongside comms that cut through the noise to ensure unity across front-line teams and embedding a new culture of training and continuous learning.


Employee Engagement 





Making internal comms and training more engaging and rewarding for the employees of their enterprise clients such as Virgin Media 02, Next and Victoria Secret.



Harnessing the persuasive power of digital gift cards as engagement and recognition rewards by integrating with Tillo's award-winning gift card API and accessing 2000+ global brands.



Ocasta Engage customers are seeing a surge in engagement and recognition in the app, resulting in improved performance across their frontline teams. 

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Ocasta's suite of performance-boosting apps is known for cutting through the noise of traditional workplace tools. 

Ocasta's comms and training product, Ocasta Engage, is an internal communication and engagement app designed to deeply understand the intricate motivators that inspire employees to take action.

By integrating with Tillo's gift card API, Ocasta Engage makes it effortless and rewarding for employees to stay on top of everything they need to know while empowering them to hand out digital rewards to their colleagues from within the same app.

Motivating positive behaviors with the brands people love.

Rewards and recognition matter and are key components in motivating and retaining high-performing teams.

With a single integration to Tillo's plug-and-go gift card API, Ocasta was able to access more than 2000+ global brands, empowering the end users of their customers to reward and recognize colleagues and team members with the brands they love. 

Personalised rewards

With more than 2000+ brands to choose from on the Tillo Network it's easy for Ocasta to ensure that each and every one of their end users gets a reward they love.

Instant digital delivery

Tillo's super-fast, robust and reliable API ensures that every reward arrives instantly, making it easy to reward the moments that matter when they matter. 

Real time transaction data

With Tillo's intuitive Buyer Hub, Ocasta can oversee purchases, download reports and manage their partnerships form one centralised space.

Reporting in the Tillo Hub for greater efficiency
Kudos in Ocasta Engage - Recieve (1)

Increasing recognition by 3.5X for Virgin Media O2

With thousands of gift cards on Ocasta Engage powered by the Tillo Platform, the staff at Virgin Media O2 can quickly and easily redeem their reward when in line at their favorite store - boosting engagement and increasing recognition by 3.5x!

"We’ve seen an insane uplift in recognition," said Sarah Walton, Engagement Coordinator at Virgin Media O2.

"We've never had a performance like this with any of our comms platforms," said Jody Myers, Head of Business Planning, Engagement & Communications at Virgin Media O2.


“With an easy integration and very little development, we were able to quickly bring 2,000 brands onto Ocasta Engage thanks to Tillo. Seamlessly making recognition and reward happen ‘in the moment’ has meant our customers' workforces feel more valued and are more engaged with their comms, training, and most importantly, their role.” 

Ben Collier, co-founder at Ocasta. 

"Our partnership with Ocasta reaffirms our commitment to connecting businesses with global brands that people love and we’re thrilled to hear that through Ocasta Engage and thanks to Tillo’s extensive brand network, organizations such as Virgin Media O2 are now driving unprecedented levels of engagement and recognition that is helping them to drive sustainable growth."

- Alex Preece, CEO and Co-Founder of Tillo

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