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Revolutionizing global gift card transactions with Tillo’s International Payments

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About GlobeTopper

GlobeTopper is a global B2B gift card concierge helping clients navigate the dynamic digital payments landscape. Their mission is to empower their customers to leverage the digital economy to its fullest potential by offering flexible payment methods and innovative solutions.


Financial Services



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GlobeTopper needed a solution to prevent running out of key currencies during peak periods and to explore new markets without the risk of misestimating the required balance.



GlobeTopper became one of the first adopters of Tillo's new International Payments feature - a real-time Foreign Exchange (FX) tool integrated directly into the Tillo Platform. 



With International Payments, GlobeTopper can now confidently experiment in new markets and relax with International payments acting as a safety net during peak periods.

Read more about how GlobeTopper is working with Tillo

As a company already benefiting from Tillo's award-winning gift card API, GlobeTopper faced the challenge of managing currency fluctuations and maintaining currency floats for international transactions. They needed a solution to prevent running out of key currencies during peak periods and to explore new markets without the risk of misestimating the required balance.

Freedom to experiment in new markets

"Partnering with Tillo has been transformative for our international operations," explains Craig Span, Founder and CEO of GlobeTopper. “We got the chance to test International Payments in Sandbox before it went live and knew it had the potential to change how we approached our international currencies. It's a safety net that allows us to experiment and expand with confidence."

With International Payments, GlobeTopper can now:

  • Ensure they never run out of key currencies during busy periods.
  • Experiment in new regions without historical transaction data, starting to trade in new currencies without setting up a new float.
  • Save time and money by eliminating the need for separate currency floats and third-party FX platforms.
  • Facilitate expansion into new markets by removing operational hurdles.
International Payments Currency Exchange
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A better experience for GlobeTopper and their customers

Tillo’s robust API and the new International Payments feature have allowed GlobeTopper to execute FX transactions seamlessly, simplifying the user experience and ensuring that GlobeTopper can deliver tailored solutions that resonate with their clients' needs.

“We’ve seen promising results since using International Payments, and it looks like it will be both a cost and time saver,” says Craig. 

With one integration to Tillo's API, GlobeTopper opens up a world of opportunities

Tillo's platform connects businesses to over 2,000 global brands across 37 markets and 16 currencies, processing more than £3 billion in gift cards. Our seamless integration empowers companies like GlobeTopper to unlock new opportunities and streamline their global transactions with ease.


Immediate digital issuance for efficient distribution worldwide.


A robust platform with zero downtime for uninterrupted service.


Access to real-time data insights and reporting for trend analysis.

"Tillo’s seamless API integration and their International Payments feature allow us to offer a broader range of tailored, impactful global payment options that resonate deeply with our clients' needs. Their commitment to innovation and customer service made them the ideal choice for GlobeTopper as we strive to lead in the global digital payments landscape. It’s always refreshing to work with a partner who is pushing boundaries in their industries, and I'm excited to see what they come up with next."

Craig Span, Founder and CEO of GlobeTopper


"Working closely with GlobeTopper to trial International Payments has been an incredibly rewarding journey, and I’m thrilled to see the positive impact it is already having on their business."

Charley Watters, Product Manager for International Payments, Tillo

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