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Driving corporate gifting initiatives with digital gift-cards

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About Reachdesk

Reachdesk empowers B2B companies to create meaningful connections at scale through personalized e-gifting strategies. Committed to making every interaction count, Reachdesk provides a range of physical and eGift options accessible across 160 countries, enabling businesses to enhance their outreach and engagement efforts.


Corporate gifting



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Reachdesk wanted to provide customers with an eGift option to complement their existing physical gifting solutions.



By partnering with Tillo, Reachdesk gained a connection to an extensive catalogue of digital eGift cards from 2,000+ brands.  



Reachdesk was able to significantly boost client engagement and response rates by offering a personalized eGifting service

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Reachdesk has redefined the art of corporate gifting by making it possible to deliver personalized moments that matter instantly and digitally. 

Delivering moments that matter digitally with Tillo

By utilizing Tillo’s robust digital gift card API, Reachdesk has enhanced corporate gifting offerings, making it possible to add a personal touch to each outreach effort, whether physical or digital.

The flexibility of Tillo’s Platform ensures that each eGift shared is not only personal but also culturally and geographically appropriate. This avoids common pitfalls such as irrelevant brand offerings, helps Reachdesk customers foster deeper connections, and enhances brand perception among gifting recipients.


Immediate digital issuance for
efficient distribution and instant gratification. 


A robust platform  with zero downtime for an uninterrupted service. 


The fastest growing global gift card network featuring 2000+ brands.  

G2 awards 2023

The Tillo difference for Reachdesk

The partnership between Reachdesk and Tillo goes beyond functionality; it's about creating lasting impressions that drive business growth for all parties involved. 

With Tillo, Reachdesk ensures that every eGift sent not only reaches its intended recipient but also resonates with them, reinforcing brand values and enhancing engagement. This has not only optimized Reachdesk’s outreach efforts but also ensured that every marketing dollar spent on e-gifting yields maximum impact.


"Tillo has allowed Reachdesk to meet the gifting needs of our customers all over the world.  Their expansive catalogue has enabled our customers to meet the bespoke tastes of their customers and prospects in hundreds of countries globally.  Tillo's performance, reliability, and customer service are best in class."

Michael Worsek, VP of Supply Chain and Marketplace, Reachdesk


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