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Wild Cards Episode 6 with David Carry, Olympian & CEO of Track Record Coaching

Posted on 24 October 2023
Read time 1 mins
Author Mat

Wild Cards is back, and this time, Tillo CEO and Co-Founder Alex Preece is speaking with the extraordinary David Carry, a three-time Olympian, performance guru, and the CEO of Track Record Coaching. 🎧

Introducing David Carry

Some people wear many hats; David Carry wears many medals. As a three-time Olympian who has competed in Athens, Beijing, and London, David is no stranger to the adrenaline of elite sports, but his influence extends far beyond the pool. 🏊🏻

David now channels his passion for performance into the boardroom as the CEO and Founder of Track Record Coaching, a company that offers executive coaching for individuals and leadership teams.

In this episode of the Wild Cards Podcast, Alex finds himself recording in a less-than-ideal location, and David reveals how he transitioned from an Olympic athlete to a game-changing entrepreneur. 👀

“Essentially, I was super fortunate to be born in a city with a ridiculously high ratio of swimming pools…”

We also hear how David handled the stress of competing and how his turbulent journey led him to develop a mindset that would ultimately become his greatest strength. 💪

“I was always the one chasing others down…” “I saw others who had been number one in their age group and number one in their country or going in as top two in the world and it was almost like theirs to lose, rather than an opportunity to perform.”

And then we get into the coaching. You’re in for a real treat and an inside look into how David helps those he works with to track back and identify what is holding them back and how they can reframe these things in a way that will propel them forward. ⏭️

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