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Welcome to the Engineering Hub

Here, you'll find insights from the minds driving our tech, links to our API documentation, and news on current job opportunities.

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Crafting tomorrow’s tech today: pushing boundaries and shaping the digital future

We're extremely proud to be industry leaders in the digital gift card space. 🚀

During the pandemic, our robust and resilient platform powered the Free School Meals initiative enabling us to challenge the status quo and push the boundaries of what’s possible for digital gift cards.

Thanks to invaluable feedback from our users and the talent of our engineering team, we've not only banished downtime, but we've also continually refined our platform to be more intuitive, robust, and efficient. 

Dreaming of making waves in tech?

Dive in and discover exciting roles in our dynamic dev team.

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Ready to get technical? Check out our API documentation. 

Jump into the intricacies of Tillo’s technology by looking at our API documentation for a window into the robustness, flexibility, and innovation that drives our platform. 

Whether you aim to integrate seamlessly, customise features, or simply understand our system's capabilities, this resource is your gateway to all the technical know-how you need.

Discover our cutting-edge tech stack

Our engineering team is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions with a cutting-edge tech stack. Here's a glimpse into the technologies we use to stay ahead of the curve:

  • AWS Codified infrastructure using Pulumi
  • Container and orchestration technologies (Docker and Kubernetes)
  • PHP7 / Laravel / Python
  • Micro-service architecture, including monitoring of deployed services
  • SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Vue.js & TypeScript
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
  • Test-Driven Development (TDD)
  • And any other awesome tech that does a great job!
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Current Opportunities


Tillo Tech Conference 2022: our journey to 10x Tillo

10x Tillo explores our future growth, taking a deep dive into what the future holds when the company operates at ten times the size, processing ten times the orders, and what the infrastructure will look like to support this.


Meet some of our Engineering Team 

Noor ul ain Ali, Software Engineer

"I’ve always wanted to work at a place where I have a nice work-life balance, my team is very supportive, encouraging and inclusive, and that’s so much more than I expected."

Joe Barber, Engineering Manager

“Although the team has grown a lot, the culture has always been good. Discussions are always open and honest - and although there’s a lot of expertise within the company, people are willing to be challenged.”

Larry Sule-Balogun, Software Engineer

“At Tillo, engineering has broadened my perspective on industry best practices, fostering quality code delivery at scale. With supportive teammates and a focus on work-life balance, it's been a rewarding journey filled with challenges and opportunities for growth. These challenges drive both personal development and effective problem-solving for our customers and partners."

Jayden Vicarey, Software Engineer

“Being part of a self-organising, test-driven, pragmatic team has shown us a level of agility and empowerment akin to tech giants like Amazon, Google, etc. We're working on real problems for real people with real results, and that's what makes the job fun!”

Read more from Engineering

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Pushing Your Tech Career to the Next Level - Engineering at Tillo

Whether you’re a bootcamp graduate taking your first step, or a Senior Engineer ready for management, there is a lot you can do to aid your professional growth. 

Brendan Q&A

Q&A with Software Engineer, Brendan Lawton

Brendan joined Tillo in March 2023 as a Software Engineer. See what his role involves and discover how he got into engineering in his Q&A Meet the Team. 

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Software Engineering at Tillo - There's More to It Than Coding 

At Tillo, we know there’s much more to software engineering than simply coding. Here are some of the lesser-known parts of being an engineer at Tillo.