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Welcome to TilloConnect, a series of exclusive, invite-only events for Tillo customers and prospects, representing the pinnacle of collaborative innovation within the gift card industry.

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Ready to get technical? Check out our API documentation. 

Jump into the intricacies of Tillo’s technology by looking at our API documentation for a window into the robustness, flexibility, and innovation that drives our platform. 

Whether you aim to integrate seamlessly, customize features, or simply understand our system's capabilities, this resource is your gateway to all the technical know-how you need.

About TilloConnect

"The gift card and payouts landscape is evolving faster than ever. We created the TilloConnect events series to bring together our valued customers to share industry knowledge around gift cards in a collaborative and fun environment. We couldn't be more excited to roll out a series of events during the course of 2024 for our buyers and brands."

Hannah Dempster, Head of Marketing at Tillo


What are people saying about TilloConnect


Molly Pemberton, UK Merchant & Partnerships Director at Reward Gateway

"Thank you for the invite and for your hospitality. It was a fantastic evening and a really interesting discussion!"

Andy Keating, Virgin Incentives, Global Agency Lead

"I just wanted to reach out and say a big thank you for the invite to last week's event! It was a great evening at a fantastic location, and the discussions were also very valuable."

Joe Moore, HyperJar, Head of Partnerships

"Thanks again for a lovely evening last night. Great company, food, and discussion."

Stuart Lawrence, Giftcloud, Director

"Great night last night - thank you so much for a night of networking and innovation discussions."

Sara West, ID-Pal, Commercial Director

"The venue, food, and company were all first-class – congrats on what I am sure will be the first of many. Great work, and many thanks for inviting me to be part of it; I really enjoyed the conversation and feel enlightened by the many user cases for stored value, gift, and loyalty."

Gail Cohen, Strategic Advisor (former Director General, GCVA)

“Great guests, amazing venue, delicious food, and such stylish Tillo branding.

You are a fabulous, professional, fun team to work with, and I have loved every minute. Roll on the next one.”

Coming soon

TilloConnect: Brand and Buyer Summit

Our next TilloConnect event brings together Brands and Buyers on the Tillo network for a half-day of networking, collaboration, and celebration. A chance to discover new partnerships and opportunities and to strengthen existing relationships.


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Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks!