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Reward Gateway

Reward Gateway gains average 70% YoY face value sales growth across 84 countries

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About Reward Gateway

Reward Gateway is culture and client-driven, are obsessed with putting the “Human” in HR, and are proud to have been 100% dedicated to HR for over a decade.

Since 2006, Reward Gateway has been right by the side of the world’s most innovative HR people, giving them beautiful products and tools they can use to attract, engage and retain their people.


Employee Rewards & Voluntary Benefits



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Reward Gateway wanted to incorporate new brands into their offering and expand their reach into more global markets.



Reward Gateway used Tillo’s powerful API to connect with 88 retailers and 84 countries through a single API connection.



Reward Gateway enjoyed 70% YoY growth and gained access to new global markets in 84 countries.

Read more about how Reward Gateway is working with Tillo

Reward Gateway is an industry leader in the employee engagement space. Before working with Tillo, the business already had an incredibly popular line of products and thousands of happy corporate customers.

However, Reward Gateway recognized they needed a frictionless gift card solution that would allow them to easily incorporate new brands into their offering and expand their reach into more global markets.

One integration, endless possibilities 

Instead of needing to undertake successive, unique API integrations or manage floats, Tillo's gift card API instantly connected Reward Gateway to 88 retailers and 84 countries.

Launching a new brand and accessing new global markets was utterly streamlined and became as simple as clicking a button.  


Immediate digital issuance for
efficient distribution and instant gratification. 


A robust platform  with zero downtime for an uninterrupted service. 


The fastest growing global gift card network featuring 2000+ brands.  

G2 awards 2023
Global market network

Access to global markets via Reward Pass

Reward Pass, Tillo’s open loop, prepaid Mastercard, additionally allowed Reward Gateway to service global clients with a product that is available in all markets - even ones where the gift card industry is not well established. 

Within the Tillo Platform, Reward Gateway can easily view their performance analytics and order query info, take advantage of exclusive retailer promotions, and receive support from our Customer Service Team.  

A scalable gift card solution

Tillo provides Reward Gateway with a scalable solution that broadens their retailer offering for their thousands of corporate customers and helped to increase their global reach.  

Reward Gateway uses the Tillo platform to access markets in 84 countries. Our technology took the unnecessary time and effort out of brand onboarding and was also flexible enough to allow Reward Gateway to migrate their pre-existing brand relationships into the platform. 

Tillo API
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“Before working with Tillo, integrating directly with a new retailer required either a unique API integration or stock management - both of which take a considerable amount of time and effort and are ultimately a distraction from Reward Gateway’s main company mission.

Using the Tillo platform not only helps us offer our members the very best experience because of the real-time processing, but it also allows us to easily access new retailers and global markets and to work more efficiently with retailers whom we have worked with for years. "

Molly Pemberton, Group Director of Retail at Reward Gateway

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