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Digital Gift Cards

Unleash the potential of digital gift cards as rewards

Discover a world where digital gift cards are more than just a gift with Tillo’s award-winning platform and gift card API.

Digital gift card use cases

One Hub, global connection, endless opportunities


Find new and profitable use cases for digital gift cards

Experience the transformative potential of Tillo’s platform, where digital gift cards aren’t just for gifting but are strategic business assets across a broad spectrum of industries.

Neobanks & Challenger Banks

Seamlessly offer digital gift cards as rewards and incentives.

Employee Rewards & Voluntary Benefits

Position your brand as a top-choice for companies looking to incentivize and appreciate their employees and workforce

Relief Support

Enable governments and charities to utilize your gift cards as efficient means of delivering aid and support to those in need.

Open Banking & Embedded Finance

Increase adoption of Open Banking and new initiatives with digital gift cards.

Loyalty Programs

Strengthen loyalty program offerings and member retention by offering your gift cards as a reward.

Buy Now Pay Later

Incentivise timely payments and increase customer loyalty with digital gift card discounts.

Crypto & Blockchain

Capitalize on the growing crypto market by allowing them to convert their digital currency into your gift cards. 

Cash Out & Cashback

Pass part of your discount to the consumer and become part of premium Cashback programs.

Elevate, optimize, and simplify gift card management

Experience next-gen digital gift card management with Tillo’s industry-leading platform and intuitive Buyer Hub


Powerful gift card discounts

Access game-changing gift card discounts and irresistible brand promotions that boost your bottom line.

Real-time data insights

Experience full transparency and valuable real-time reporting within the Buyer Hub.


Centralize your funds and simplify the complexities of handling multiple currencies with Tillo’s pioneering Universal Float.

Full control

Locate transactions and amend, re-issue, or revoke gift card codes efficiently using intuitive search functionality and transaction filters.

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Discover a gift card API that does more

Tillo’s gift card API simplifies the complexities of individual brand agreements, saving you valuable time, resources, and stress.


Synchronous and asynchronous connections for unrivalled flexibility as you scale.


Trust in the reliability of a platform with zero downtime for uninterrupted service.


Connect seamlessly to 2000+ global brands across 37 countries and 16 currencies.


Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO 27001 accredited, keeping you and your customers safe.

“The simplest, most effective way to get gift cards into your platform”


Ben Collier, Growth Director

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