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Pizza Hut 

Increasing B2B gift card sales for Pizza Hut

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Pizza Hut increase b2b engagement

About Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Restaurants has been proudly serving the UK for 50 years, with their first Hut opening in Islington in 1973.

Serving iconic dishes such as the ‘’Pan Pizza’’ and ‘’Stuffed Crust’’ across 150 restaurants in the UK, Pizza Hut Restaurants has successfully positioned itself as a space to enjoy good times and great food with friends and family.  


Restaurant & Dining



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Expand their reach in the B2B market, especially in rewards, recognition, and incentives, while decreasing administrative load.



Join the Tillo network, gaining access to new gift card Buyers in the B2B sector. 



66% growth in sales with Tillo in the first year, including new ties with 46 B2B Buyers on the Tillo platform. 

Read more about how Pizza Hut is working with Tillo

Pizza Hut Restaurants came to Tillo with the goal of increasing its B2B reach while reducing operational hassle.

By becoming a Brand on the Tillo Network, Pizza Hut Restaurants was able to engage more B2B clients from one central platform. This not only led to a boost in B2B engagement but also reduced the time Pizza Hut Restaurants had to spend on admin tasks, thanks to Tillo's consolidated invoicing system.

One Hub, endless opportunities

By embracing Tillo’s Brand Hub, Pizza Hut Restaurants was able to:

Connect with B2B buyers

Easily review, approve, and manage relationships with potential and existing B2B buyers from one centralised location.

Monitor transactions

With intuitive search and filters, Pizza Hut Restaurants can quickly locate, amend, re-issue, or even revoke gift card codes if needed.

Access insightful data

Real-time metrics and automated reporting on gift card performance are now at their fingertips.

Partner Request Enabled
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24/7 customer support every step of the way

While working with Tillo, Pizza Hut Restaurants could always rely on consistent customer service, ensuring that the focus remained on delivering quality without any distractions.

“Tillo has been a game-changer for us. Their responsiveness and the efficiency of their platform allowed us to grow our B2B engagements significantly.”
- Priten Mistry, Head of Marketing Activation


Benefits that echo across the Pizza Hut Restaurants business

Embracing Tillo’s platform translated to a series of tangible benefits for Pizza Hut Restaurants. In their first year, they were able to:

Connect with 46 B2B buyers

Tillo’s simplified approvals process led to increased interactions with B2B clients. 

Enhance operational efficiency

Thanks to the Tillo Brand Hub, Pizza Hut Restaurants were able to reduce administrative time, leading to cost savings.

Increase gift card sales by 66%

With increased visibility and access to new B2B Buyers, Pizza Hut Restaurants was able to increase its gift card sales by 66%!

Pizza hut

“Joining Tillo has been transformative for Pizza Hut Restaurants. With the power to easily manage and analyse relationships with global B2B and B2C buyers all from one location, we've achieved significant growth and improved our operational efficiency. Tillo’s Brand Hub's intuitive design, actionable data, and impeccable customer support have propelled our gift card programme into new markets and strengthened our B2B presence.” 

Priten Mistry, Head of Marketing Activation at Pizza Hut

"We are immensely proud to have Pizza Hut Restaurants on the Tillo Network. Their iconic brand, rich history, and dedication to quality align perfectly with our mission to connect top-tier brands to wider markets. The addition of Pizza Hut Restaurants amplifies the value we offer to our partners, and it's a testament to the growing strength and diversity of the Tillo network. Together, we look forward to unlocking even greater opportunities in the B2B space."

- Alex Preece, CEO and Co-Founder of Tillo

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