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Tillo Insights - Bridging the Loyalty Gap

Less than 32% of consumers are loyal to fintech

Learn about the loyalty landscape in fintech and the key trends we’ve uncovered after surveying more than 4000+ consumers about their usage of fintech services, including Neobanking, Buy Now Pay Later, Open Banking, Embedded Finance, and Crypto.

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Answering the burning loyalty questions in fintech

  • How engaged are today's consumers with fintech services?
  • What are the biggest barriers to fintech adoption?
  • How loyal do consumers feel towards the fintechs they use?
  • Does loyalty vary by age group?
  • What role do rewards and incentives have to play in motivating and changing consumer behaviors?
  • What is the blueprint for a successful fintech loyalty program?
Customer connections - build loyalty with digital e-gift cards

Providing clarity for future success and growth

From the services consumers use and attitudes toward loyalty programs to their preferences for rewards and the impact of incentives, Tillo’s latest ebook - Bridging the Loyalty Gap: Consumer Insights for Fintech Engagement and Growth - uncovers a clear path forward for fintechs looking to attract, engage, and retain their customers in 2024 and beyond.

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