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Michel Gustavsson, Co-Founder of Bitrefill - Wild Cards Episode 2

Posted on 16 February 2023
Read time 2 mins
Author Sophia 🌱

In episode 2 of Wild Cards, Tillo CEO and Founder Alex Preece is sitting down with Michel Gustavsson, Co-Founder of Bitrefill.

Episode 2 is now live!

What's in Wild Cards Episode 2

Episode 2 of the Wild Cards podcast takes a deep dive into Michel’s childhood, why he left school at 13 and how he managed to turn his life around from playing video games 24/7 to eventually becoming the co-founder of the largest crypto storefront in the world! 

“I had to come to this real-talk moment with myself where I was like, ‘OK, so really, Michel, nothing about how you feel about yourself is reflected in anything in your life - you don’t have a girlfriend, you’re kind of big, you don’t have any qualification, you don’t have a job, so you aren’t earning any money… either you’re delusional… or you need to apply yourself - and I got a heavy dose of motivation from that thinking.”

- Michel


The episode also explores how Michel was introduced to the world of crypto and what may have happened if his best friend and future co-founder, Sergej Kotliar, hadn’t come across this cool thing called Bitcoin in 2012. 

“Companies are like babies, some are planned, and some just happen."

"I always had a rule that when Sergej comes to me with something that he finds interesting, then I listen… so when he came to me with Bitcoin in 2013/2012 and said, ‘this is really cool, I think this is going to be big’... I read about it...”

- Michel


Bitrefill's mission is to make cryptocurrency as easy to use as everyday money, but as episode 2 of Wild Cards reveals, that is easier said than done in a world where many people still see crypto as a scam, fad or internet money with no real-world use. 

“What good is this magical internet money that is going to revolutionise the world if you actually can’t use it to buy stuff?” 

- Michel


We also hear Alex and Michel discuss some of the myths, road-blocks and misconceptions surrounding crypto, uncovering the role that both Bitrefill, Tillo and gift cards currently play in helping to streamline the overall experience of spending cryptocurrencies and what this means for the broader adoption of crypto. 

For all this and much more - be sure to tune into Episode 2 of Wild Cards! 

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