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Let's talk about the loyalty opportunity for 2022

Earlier this year, we were delighted to join experts from across the industry at the GCVA’s annual conference - and we were...


What does a Scrum master do? Q&A with Greg Youngman

I recently sat down with Greg Youngman, Tillo’s Scrum master, to find out what the role of Scrum master actually entails, and...


What’s it like to work in Tillo’s Engineering team?

I recently sat down with Junior Software Engineer at Tillo, Gerome Braddock, to find out how his love of coding began, what led...


The ultimate guide to choosing a gift card API

Todays’ digitally-savvy consumers want instant access to the brands they love as the use of digital gift cards is growing - last...


3 Tillo updates you need to know about

Our Product and Engineering teams are constantly evolving, updating and improving the Tillo platform - to make sure the user...


Why invest in a customer loyalty programme?

What is a customer loyalty programme? By definition, a customer loyalty programme is a strategy that aims to keep customers...

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