Case studies

Discover how the Tillo platform has transformed the rewards, incentives and gifting space


Giftcloud // Giftcloud achieve 86% YoY growth using Tillo

Using Tillo’s powerful API means that Giftcloud can connect their customers to hundreds of retailers without the need for multiple relationships and tech integrations.  

B2B & B2C

New Look // 42% growth in sales in 2020 despite multiple lockdowns

Tillo's powerful API instantly connected New Look to hundreds of new partners and their millions of B2B end users.


Reward Gateway // Average 70% YoY face value sales growth across 26 countries

Instead of needing to undertake successive, unique, API integrations or manage floats, Tillo connects Reward Gateway to 88 retailers and 84 countries through a single API connection.

Rewards & Recognition // Gaining exciting new revenue streams by seamlessly connecting to partners

Top 5 travel online travel agent in the UK travel market,, ensure best possible customer experience with digital gift card offering using Tillo to reach millions of new customers via Tillo's partner network. 


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Ticketmaster // 36% face-value sales growth in the UK and live across 12 markets

Ticketmaster was also able to reach an audience of 22 million end users via the platform, extending the brand’s reach on a huge scale.  


Quidco // Powering digital rewards programme for UK's largest cashout provider

Quidco strengthen existing retailer relationships by driving more sales back to them via consumers converting cashout into digital gift cards powered by Tillo. 


UBT // 254% MoM growth in first year in 2020

All discounts and savings earned by members via the use of gift cards are transferred into community projects to support education and charity work.

Loyalty & Rewards