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How to Maximize Profit and ROI Using The Power of Digital E-Gift Cards

Posted on 18 October 2023
Read time 2 mins
Author Sophia 🌱

Digital gift cards are no longer just a last-minute savior during the holiday rush; they’re the go-to strategy for scaling profits and enhancing the customer experience. 

In this post, we will look at how you can maximize your ROI from digital gift cards, focusing on ways the Tillo Platform can help you increase your bottom line. 🚀

Let’s get into it!

1. Use Data to Make Smart Decisions

A gift card platform like Tillo doesn't just offer access to a treasure trove of 2000+ global brands; it also serves up real-time data you can act on.

Track buying patterns, monitor redemption rates, and tweak your gift card program based on consumer behavior. Remember, the most intelligent decisions are data-driven!


2. Take Advantage of Brand Promotions

Promotions are like the spices in a well-cooked meal; they make everything more exciting. Brands on the Tillo Network regularly offer promotions that can save you $$$, giving you a chance to increase your profit margin or pass on a little extra discount to your customers. Either way, it's a win-win that amplifies ROI and elevates the customer experience.

wagestream discounts-1

3. Market, Market, Market

Whether you've got a loyalty scheme, offer cashback, or sell gift cards via Tillo’s B2C StoreFront, silence is not golden. You've got to shout about your offering from the digital rooftops.

Leverage social media, push notifications, and newsletters, and don't shy away from good old PR - however you talk to our customers, be sure to put your program and gift cards in front of them. 

man earning cashback on device

4. Ensure Customer Loyalty

There's an old saying: "Loyalty begets loyalty," and a gift card program can ensure just that. By employing an "earn and burn" strategy, your loyalty program users can collect points when purchasing gift cards, which they can then redeem for more cards!

It's a circle of benefits that keeps your customers hooked and your revenue soaring.

loyalty point balance-1

5. Continuously Expand Your Offering

A larger brand catalog translates to a broader audience, and a broader audience = more ROI.

At Tillo, we’re constantly adding new brands to our Network, making it easy for you to continuously evolve your offering. Whether you have global ambitions or just want to sell more big-name brands, we can help you expand your horizons.

Our global catalog is packed with 2000 retailers across 37 countries, and we’ve got more brands being added every day. 


brands with shadows

6. Go the Extra Mile with Personalization

Personalization is no longer a perk; it's a necessity and one that consumers are increasingly coming to expect. Fortunately, we’ve got the tools you need to add personalization to your gift card offering, whether it be adding that little extra sparkle and personalized note with Wrappr delivery or leaning into the power of a personal choice with a Tillo ChoiceLink.

Go ahead, put a cherry on top; make it special, and customers will remember you for it.


choice link customization

7. Focus on Efficiency 

The quicker you can get set up with Tillo, the quicker you can start making money from digital gift cards, which is why we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to tap into our gift card catalog either via a seamless API integration or Tillo StoreFront, our B2C off-the-shelf solution.

And once you’re up and running, we keep it that way, with zero downtime to ensure you’re always live and transacting. 

laptop mock up of storefront catalogue Tillo branding


Ready to maximize your ROI?

So there you have it - a comprehensive guide to amplifying your ROI through digital gift cards with Tillo. 

Ready to join our industry-leading platform? Get in touch with us today or check out these customer stories to see how our customers are already maximizing their ROI with Tillo. 


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