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Introducing Digital Gift Card Top-Ups at Tillo

Posted on 29 April 2024
Read time 2 mins
Author Sophia 🌱

We're thrilled to be the first gift card platform offering the game-changing ability to top-up existing digital gift card codes!

We're committed to pushing the boundaries of what our platform can do, which is why we're thrilled to announce a groundbreaking enhancement to our gift card API.

Introducing Digital Top-Ups, a feature designed to redefine the standards of flexibility and usability for digital gift cards.

Seamlessly reuse with digital top-ups.

Imagine effortlessly being able to recharge and reuse your digital gift card - that's exactly what our new Digital Top-Ups feature enables. 

Kicking off with Costa, a brand exclusive to the Tillo network due to our recent acquisition of Jigsaw Business Solutions, Tillo API customers can now access the ability to top up digital gift card codes. This makes shopping with a digital gift card more convenient and encourages repeat top-up purchases again and again. 

Following this initial launch, Tillo is also working closely with a number of supermarkets, such as Tesco, Asda, and Waitrose, to ensure Digital Top-Ups are available for thrifty shoppers looking to make the most of gift cards and their associated offers to aid them with budgeting during the Cost of Living Crisis. 

What do digital top-ups mean for brands and buyers?

Digital top-ups unlock a universe of potential use cases, particularly in sectors where instant redemption and frequent repeat purchases are the norm, such as grocery, dining out, and travel. 

One of the biggest benefits for gift card brands is the ability to drive customer loyalty. By allowing repeat users to top up their gift cards, customers are more likely to commit to regular spending at a specific brand, helping to encourage loyalty over competitors. 

The ability to top up a gift card on the fly also provides a much better UX for the consumer, streamlining the transaction process and enhancing the customer journey, making every shopping experience smoother and more enjoyable. This, in turn, empowers gift card brands with access to more information on repeat customer behavior, allowing them to gather more data from reloadable product usage with less gift card data to manage.

This feature also arrives at a critical time as communities worldwide navigate the complexities of the cost-of-living crisis. By utilizing the convenience of digital top-ups and combining them with cashback offers, businesses, including employee benefits and rewards and recognition providers, such as Tillo customer Reward Gateway, can explore new ways to deliver tangible value to their stakeholders and end consumers on a regular basis.

For the end consumer, the feature gives them more control over their shopping experiences, helps them manage their spending more effectively, and allows them to make the most of the cashback and rewards on offer via digital gift cards.

What’s next for Digital Top-Ups at Tillo?

We're constantly looking for new ways to innovate and improve our API and will continue to explore ways to bring this feature to life for more brands on the Tillo Network.

To find out more, contact us today!

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