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Turn your digital gift card into an interactive experience

Immerse your customers in the surprise and delight of the unwrapping experience with Tillo’s Wrappr delivery.

One Hub, global connection, endless opportunities


The art of digital gifting reimagined

Wrappr bridges the gap between the fast-paced world of digital gifting and the cherished memories of unwrapping a physical gift. With Wrappr, digital gift cards are not just a gift; they are an experience.


Rediscover the joy of anticipation and surprise with the ability to unwrap a digital gift.


Tailor each digital gift to the recipient, creating a sense of intimacy and thoughtfulness.


Provide an immersive gifting journey from the first click to final redemption.


Create lasting positive memories, ensuring customer loyalty and repeat business.

Experience the true power of an industry-leading platform

Leverage the strength, security, and efficiency of embedded rewards and incentives with Tillo and unlock an end-to-end global gift card solution.

Global connectivity

Work seamlessly with an extensive list of 2000+ global brands with one integration.

Round-the-clock customer care

Enjoy industry-leading customer support and a 99% satisfaction rating.

Powerful gift card discounts

Access game-changing gift card discounts and irresistible brand promotions.

Real-time data insight

Understand your audience better with real-time data, optimizing the gifting journey for them.

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Where could Wrappr take you?


Open Banking & Embedded Finance

Elevate user experiences with personalized and interactive digital rewards in the Open Banking journey.

Employee Rewards & Voluntary Benefits

Make recognition personal and memorable, turning every incentive into a delightful experience.

Buy Now Pay Later

Reinforce loyalty with the joy of an interactive digital gift, fostering lasting customer relationships.

Neobanks & Challenger Banks

Differentiate your offerings with immersive experiences, making rewards feel deeply personal.

Loyalty Programs

Reimagine loyalty rewards as an engaging journey, amplifying member connection through the art of virtual unwrapping.

Cash Out & Cashback

Elevate cashback incentives with the thrill of unwrapping, making each reward more than just a transaction.

“Tillo has been an invaluable partner, providing cutting-edge technology, exceptional service, and an expansive brand portfolio.”

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Kevin McCoy, Co-Managing Director & Co-Founder

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