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reward pass

Unlock global spending with Tillo’s prepaid virtual Mastercard gift card

Empower your recipients with the ultimate choice with Tillo’s RewardPass, a prepaid Mastercard gift card accepted at over 32 million locations worldwide.

Prepaid virtual Mastercard gift card

One integration, global connection, endless opportunities


Global Markets

Tap into the future of flexible rewards and incentives

RewardPass is an open-loop prepaid Visa or Mastercard designed for maximum convenience and adaptability. No more limitations - give the gift of limitless possibilities!


Engage recipients with a card that is welcomed wherever Mastercard is accepted - in-store, online, locally, or overseas. Tap into a network of 32 million stores worldwide.


Design and personalize your RewardPass. From currency choice to branding aesthetics, make every card a reflection of your intent and your brand.


Transcend borders with a card made for today's global marketplace. Available in multiple currencies, including USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, JPY, INR, CNY, and AUD. 


Choose a physical or digital RewardPass card. Plus, with mobile wallet integration, carrying and using Tillo’s RewardPass is second nature on your smartphone.

Unleash your true potential with Tillo

Harness the combined power of RewardPass and Tillo's embedded rewards and incentives platform to offer unparalleled choice and flexibility to your customers.

Global connectivity

Seamlessly connect to a vast network of 2000+ global brands through a single integration with our award-winning gift card API.

Round-the-clock customer care

Experience peace of mind with our 99% satisfaction rating and round-the-clock customer assistance.

Powerful gift card discounts

Access exclusive gift card discounts and unbeatable brand promotions, only available through the Tillo Platform.

Real-time data insights

Empower your strategies with insightful real-time data, allowing you to fine-tune your programs and create tailored experiences.

Prepaid virtual Mastercard gift card app

Where could RewardPass take you?


Government & Charity

Efficiently distribute funds with RewardPass, ensuring recipients can access and spend their support at a vast array of outlets worldwide.

Employee Rewards & Voluntary Benefits

Empower your workforce with a universal token of appreciation, ensuring they feel valued wherever they choose to redeem.

Loyalty Programs

Elevate member commitment by offering the unmatched flexibility of RewardPass, allowing them to spend how and where they choose.

Neobanks & Challenger Banks

Differentiate your digital bank offering by seamlessly integrating the broad spending power of RewardPass into your rewards strategy.

Open Banking & Embedded Finance

Promote Open Banking adoption with the universal appeal of the RewardPass card, ensuring recipients can spend across a global network.

What's next?

Learn more about RewardPass, view our API documentation, or browse related resources.


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