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Behind the Product: StoreFront Q&A with Product Manager Rachel Tivnann

Posted on 26 September 2023
Read time 3 mins
Author Rachel 🚀

In this Product Q&A, we sit down with Rachel Tivnann, Junior Product Manager working on Tillo’s latest launch, StoreFront.

Stay tuned to learn what sets StoreFront apart, how it simplifies the complex landscape of digital gift cards, and what it means for businesses looking for a quick and effective solution that will help them enter the B2C market.

Hi Rachel, let’s jump into the deep end; give us your elevator pitch: what is StoreFront?

So, StoreFront is a B2C white-label solution for any business looking to sell digital gift cards directly to consumers. Essentially, it’s a quicker and easier way for our partners to integrate with Tillo’s technology without requiring an API integration. Tillo handles the front-end gift card catalogue, back-end payment process, and delivery mechanism. 

storefront mockup on laptop and phone

Why would partners choose StoreFront instead of an integration with Tillo’s API?

If a partner is looking to sell gift cards directly to consumers, then integrating with Tillo’s API is one way to do it. This leaves the creation and management of the front end, payments, and gift card delivery up to them for ultimate flexibility.

StoreFront, however, handles all of this. Tillo's API still powers it, but it operates in the background, allowing businesses to focus on their core offerings, knowing that their gift card catalogue, checkout process, and fulfillment are taken care of. It’s a wrap-around solution. 


So, what does StoreFront look like to consumers?

StoreFront is a white-label product, meaning that it can be branded to suit the identity of the partner, ensuring it integrates seamlessly into existing applications and websites.

Users of StoreFront will navigate to a custom URL, and the StoreFront page will look and feel like the original website. Customers looking to buy digital gift cards can browse and pay for their gift card within StoreFront and will then receive an email confirmation with the gift card link. All of this happens under one cohesive brand, so the consumer feels like they never left the website.

branded storefront powered byt tillo

Why should someone choose StoreFront over other B2C solutions?

The truth is we’ve had customers come to Tillo and ask us to make an alternative. Tillo's design and UX are the best in the business and couple that with our industry-leading customer service and ever-expanding brand catalogue, and the answer is quite compelling. 

G2 badges Fall 2023

What business opportunities does StoreFront unlock?

Because StoreFront is an off-the-shelf solution, it can be set up and rolled out extremely quickly. This enables businesses to scale rapidly without allocating too much time and resources to building a new customer-facing experience. 

Another advantage of using StoreFront is that customers gain access to Tillo’s Buyer Hub, allowing them to access real-time reporting and insights that will help them tailor their B2C offering and maximize B2C revenue opportunities. 

Buyer hub phone graphic


Can gift cards be sold at a discount on StoreFront?

Yes, our partners have the flexibility to sell gift cards at face value or to offer them at a discount. When setting up their StoreFront, partners can determine the level of discounts they wish to share with their end-users, and this is reflected on the front end. 

storefront catalogue and payment mokc up on mobile phone


How has customer feedback shaped the finished product?

Customer feedback has been invaluable. I often sit in on customer calls to understand the needs of our Buyers, and a plug-and-play solution came up repeatedly. It's always rewarding to see something developed based on customer feedback. By continuously listening to what our clients are saying, Tillo has identified unique gaps in the market, and StoreFront is just another instance of that. We’re already listening to feedback and planning future iterations of the product.

On that note, what’s next for StoreFront, and what’s next for Tillo?

We’re working on a lot right now, including expanding StoreFront into new markets and use cases, making our internal management tools more efficient, expanding our global reach, and, of course, improving the user experience.


And lastly, what's your favorite part about being the Product Manager for StoreFront?

For me, the most fulfilling part is that we're solving a significant problem for our customers. They love our technology but often can't commit the time to build the rest of the solution. StoreFront makes it easy for them, and I know it’s going to make a lot of our partners very happy.


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See StoreFront for yourself!

And that wraps up our conversation with Rachel Tivnann, the driving force behind StoreFront. From ease of set-up to a seamless customer experience, StoreFront is designed to empower businesses to tap into the B2C market.

Thank you, Rachel, for your insights!

Interested to know more? Book a demo of StoreFront today.

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