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Introducing StoreFront - Tillo’s Fantastic New B2C Digital Gift Card Solution

Posted on 25 September 2023
Read time 2 mins
Author Sophia 🌱

In a digital-first world, the challenge for businesses isn't just staying ahead - it's also about being versatile, agile, and customer-focused. 

With this in mind, we're excited to introduce StoreFront, our latest product designed to empower your business with an effortless route to digital gift card sales. Built with the needs of our customers in mind, StoreFront offers a plug-and-play solution that brings immediate value to your business.

storefront mockup on laptop and phone

Who is StoreFront for?

If you want to tap into the booming gift card market but don’t want to integrate with Tillo’s API or code a bespoke solution, then our StoreFront is your fast pass to B2C gift card sales. Here's why you'll love it:

🚀 Off-the-shelf and ready to roll

We've designed StoreFront as an off-the-shelf solution. There's no need for any backend or frontend gymnastics; you can start selling and profiting from digital gift cards pronto.

🎨 Retain your identity

We know the importance of protecting your brand. That's why StoreFront is fully white-labeled, blending seamlessly with your website or application's aesthetics. Your customers won't know the difference, but they'll feel the impact.

🛍️ Say hello to big-name Brands

Unlock global brands with the flick of a switch. Whether it's fashion, grocery, or your customer's favourite coffee chain, you'll find it in our abundant brand catalogue.

📊 Real-time data insights

Knowledge is power, and Tillo’s real-time insights give you the data you need to make informed decisions. Monitor sales, identify trends, and fine-tune your gift card strategy, all in real time via Tillo’s Buyer Hub.

Buyer hub phone graphic

How does StoreFront work?

StoreFront is designed with both you and your end-users in mind. Your customers can effortlessly navigate through a rich catalogue of gift cards and make a purchase while you can monitor transaction data to optimise sales within the Buyer Hub. 

We’ve thought of everything from first interaction to gift card redemption; all you need to do is plug in and go. 

Key features of StoreFront at a glance:

🖌️ White-labeled: Your brand, our platform.

⏰ Quick set-up: No time wasted.

💫 Seamless user experience: Optimized for ultimate convenience.

🌎 Global catalogue: Access to a world of brands.

📈 Real-time data: Keep tabs on your performance instantly.

Get started with StoreFront today and unlock the profit-boosting potential of digital gift cards

We understand your need for solutions that are agile, seamless, and, most importantly, profitable. StoreFront offers you a golden ticket to hop onto the gift card bandwagon without any roadblocks. It's not just about gift cards; it's about unlocking an entirely new revenue stream, and we’ve got you covered.

Ready to dive In?

Let’s get you set up. Book a demo and see how StoreFront can supercharge your business today.

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