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Release Notes 03.24 - The one with new StoreFront features and our public product roadmap!

Release Notes
Posted on 28 March 2024
Read time 2 mins
Author Sophia 🌱

We’ve had a very busy March and are thrilled to share some exciting new features and product updates that we know Tillo users will love!

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Mixed baskets are now available in StoreFront!

StoreFront users can now add multiple gift card brands to the same checkout basket, making it quicker and easier to buy from their favorite retailers without repeating the checkout process. 


Finding the perfect gift card in StoreFront just got easier 

Now, StoreFront users can easily select one or multiple gift card categories on the catalog page to see specific gift card brands that fit those preferences. 

StoreFront Catagories

We’re in the final stages of testing International Payments

International Payments eliminates the need for Tillo buyers to maintain separate currency floats by seamlessly executing FX transactions during the gift card purchasing process. 


Here are some of the reasons we know you’ll love it!

🚀 It's a market-leading solution to a common and time-consuming problem.

🌎 It's easy to use and designed with global buyers in mind, making international transactions as simple as domestic ones.

✈️ It helps facilitate expansion into new markets by removing the operational hurdles of managing multiple international floats.

💸 It's cost-effective! Our International Payments feature allows buyers to say goodbye to the additional fees associated with third-party FX platforms. 

🔎 You retain control with complete oversight and a real-time view of the FX rates, updated automatically every 10 minutes.

Want to be the first to try this feature? Contact your account manager today, or if you’re new to Tillo, book a demo and see what else our Platform can do for you. 

You’ll notice a new ‘Search’ button on the Order history page

Previously, our Order history page would auto-update every time you adjusted a filter. This worked well for small adjustments, but complex filters were causing the page to time out. 


We’ve fixed this issue by adding a simple ‘Search’ button, allowing you to set your filter parameters uninterrupted by the auto-update mechanism and to click Search when you’re ready to run your query. 

Our Product Roadmap is now live on the Tillo website!

If public release notes weren’t cool enough, we’re also bringing our roadmap onto the Tillo website. 


By publishing our product roadmap, we invite collaboration and input from our community, including brands, buyers, and industry experts. This ultimately helps us create the best suite of products from which our users get maximum value. 

View our Product Roadmap

Take a look at what else we’re working on

Our engineering and product teams have had a busy year making sure we have the very best gift card API and Platform on the market, so here’s a taste of what else we’re working on behind the scenes to keep Tillo the #1 industry service provider

📱Improving the mobile navigation experience for our customers and their users
🏦 Exploring Open Banking as a payment option in Tillo StoreFront
🎨 Exciting new designs for our Tillo Hubs 
🏎️ Shaving even more time off our gift card redemption email delivery
🇦🇺 StoreFront testing in Australia 

Bugs we’ve squashed

🪲 We’ve fixed an edge case bug to make the auto payment matching feature more robust.
🪲 We squished a modal bug, causing models across the Hubs to take up 80% of the screen.
🪲 We’ve cleaned up some naming confusion, which was being caused by incorrect labels within the Buyer Hub. 

See what Tillo can do for you.

If you want to see what Tillo can do for your business, contact us today and take our award-winning platform for a test drive yourself.

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