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3 Tillo updates you need to know about

Posted on 6 April 2022
Read time 3 mins
Author Eddie Sawyers

Our Product and Engineering teams are constantly evolving, updating and improving the Tillo platform - to make sure the user experience for our partners and brands is a delight from start to finish. 

As well as having the most comprehensive API in the industry, Tillo is laser focused on delivering an experience that’s easy, intuitive and aesthetically pleasing so that you can keep rewarding and delighting at scale. We always keep the users of our Tillo Hub in mind when developing our product, as well as the end recipients. 

There’s lots on our roadmap for this year; here are three updates that we’ve already made and are excited to share with you: 


1. Making downtime a thing of the past 

You might have noticed that our January release notes didn’t mention any downtime. Our technical team has been working very hard to remove the need to have downtime on the majority of new releases. 

There may still be occasions when we need to take the system down to apply updates, and we will give you advance warning of these as we have previously. However, we’re very pleased and proud to share that downtime for releases will be greatly reduced in 2022! 

This means that you can keep using our platform and delighting your customers and employees, uninterrupted. 

“The Engineering Team has put a lot of work into making the platform more robust and making downtime a thing of the past for most new releases, so we’re delighted to be able to share this news with customers. 

We’re always striving for 100% uptime, so that our partners can keep delighting their customers at scale, uninterrupted.” 

Michael Norris, VP of Engineering at Tillo



2. Updates to brand notifications

From partner feedback, we could see that partners didn’t want to receive so many notifications about brands which are outside of their market - so we’ve removed these notifications. 

We’ve set up more granular market-based notifications. So, for example, if you’re only taking US gift cards, instead of getting an alert that a European brand is available/unavailable, you’ll only get alerts on US brands. If you’re an existing partner, you can sign up here to get alerts.  

It’s still quick and easy for our partners to request to enable brands - just follow the usual process!


3. Payment update

We’ve further automated payment requests by adding API support, to make it easier for customers to scale. 

Previously, if you want to register a payment request with Tillo, you would have to login to the Hub and create one. However, reviewing customer feedback we saw the desire to be able to automate this process from within our Customers’ own platforms. 

This is what led us to create our new Payments API that allows customers to do just that, create a payment request for Tillo without need to login to the platform. The benefit to Partners is that they can start to automate this process, making working with Tillo even easier!

Related to this change is another popular feedback request and that is receiving a proforma invoice once you have created a payment request. We recognise that many companies have internal processes that need these in order to smoothly get money transferred over. So we have now added the option to receive a proforma invoice for every transfer you make. This is available if you are using the new Payments API or if you prefer to login to the Hub and place your request that way.

We wanted to ensure that funds still get allocated faster so to make it easy you can use either the transaction reference or your proforma invoice reference when making a payment. 

Here’s where you can see your transaction reference in the Hub or your proforma invoice reference. Just use one or the other - not both (without any other text included in the payment reference). 


Where to find your payment reference

Where to find your payment reference on the hub. 

Where to find your invoice number

Where to find your invoice number on your proforma invoice. 

We’re continually improving our platform

To be the top digital gift card provider in the market, we believe it’s very important to continually improve our platform and make the user experience as smooth as possible. 

If you’re an existing customer, you can share any feedback on the Tillo portal here - we’d love to hear from you!  

Here’s a taster of some of the other updates we’re currently working on at Tillo - keep an eye out for these in our release notes:

  • Reporting improvements to ensure the reports from our Tillo products are more consistently available and reliable for our Partners and Brands. 
  • Access to historic float data 
  • Easier brand additions
  • And much more!
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