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We make employee rewards and recognition more rewarding

Tillo makes it easy to reward your customers and employees with the retailers they love.

employee rewards and recognition

How Tillo helps employee rewards and recognition providers

A successful rewards and recognition program can boost productivity, drive engagement, and help you retain the very best talent. In fact, a recent Gallup workplace survey found that employees who feel unrecognized are nearly twice as likely to leave their current job.

Tillo instantly connects your rewards and recognition platform with 2000+ of the world’s best-loved retailers in multiple markets. By bridging the gap with a single API connection, Tillo gives you access to exclusive B2B discounts and creates new distribution channels for retailers. It’s a win-win.

employee rewards and recognition

Making rewarding more rewarding than ever before

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Unrivalled choice, unbeatable discounts

Access gift cards from 2000+ of the world’s most-loved brands, and enjoy exclusive B2B discounts and seasonal promotions.

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Flexible rewarding

With Tillo, you can easily order both physical and digital gift cards. You can even let end-users choose their own treat with open-loop gift cards and Choice Links.

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The most extensive partner network in the market

Working with Tillo means opening up a host of exciting new revenue streams for your brand - from reward and recognition programs and employee benefits to loyalty cashout schemes. We connect you to millions of end users through over 100+ partners.

employee rewards and recognition
employee rewards and recognition platform

Goodbye spreadsheets, hello real-time data

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Instant delight

Say goodbye to unnecessary third parties, float management, APIs, and spreadsheets. Tillo makes rewarding instant and easy, whether buying in bulk or on demand.

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Powerful tools and real-time insights

Easily manage promotions and monitor sales data in real time. Everything you need is housed within our powerful hub.


employee rewards and recognition platform

Find out how we supercharged Reward Gateway’s voluntary benefits offering:

Reward Gateway // Average 70% YoY face value sales growth across 26 countries

Instead of needing to undertake successive, unique, API integrations or manage floats, the Tillo platform now connects Reward Gateway to 88 retailers and 84 countries through a single API connection.

Rewards & Recognition



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Together we can deliver more rewarding experiences for consumers and employees everywhere. Arrange a demo and find out how we can help your business thrive.