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More choice. One link. Meet Choice Links



The flexible digital gift card solution that helps you delight every customer


We know that delivering choice is difficult and time consuming. So we made it easy. 

We removed the need for a time consuming and expensive user interface build by doing it for you, enabling you to send 100s of brands as easily as a single gift card. 



View Choice Links in action:

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Give customers a real choice

Choice Links let your customers choose what works for them. Just decide the value and enable the recipient to redeem across 100s of brands with a single Choice Link.  

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Cater to unique tastes

Customers are like a box of chocolates - unique. Ensure that there’s something for everyone by adding a greater variety of brands to your Choice Link so they can choose their favourite brand, and feel more delighted.

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Split redemption options

Customers often want to spend on more than one brand. With Choice Links, customers have the flexibility to split their link value across multiple brands to maximise their gift, without needing to place multiple orders.

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Personalise the experience

From making sure the recipient gets a personalised email to ensuring the Choice Link matches your corporate identity, make it feel like more of a gift and convey your brand’s personality.

How it works...





Initial setup


Decide which brands you’d like to feature in the Choice Link, the currency, and the total redemption value. To make it easier for you to get your Choice Link campaigns up and running, we’ve created some popular brand categories you can pre-select to save time. Or you can make it as bespoke as you choose:

  • Premium Choice

  • Premium Choice+ 

  • Fabulous Fashion

  • Tantalising Takeaways

  • Delicious Dine Out

  • Supermarket Select

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Build your campaign


We understand the need to theme the recipient email and redemption webpage to align with your brand guidelines so we can support this! 

Share your branding and our support team will work with you to get your Choice Link up and running as quickly as possible.

Customise your email message and choose your recipients.


Activate your campaign


The customer receives their Choice Link via email with the total value and the link. They can start selecting their favourite brands and deciding how much they’d like to redeem against that brand.

There’s no basket so it’s quick and easy for customers to redeem their Choice Links value. They can just go back to the gift card list and select the next brand they’d like to redeem against.

Users don’t have to decide straight-away how they want to spend the total value in one go; they can continue to return to the Choice Link and partly redeem against the total value over time, provided it’s before the expiry date. 

Use the “Your Giftcards” as a digital wallet to reveal each of your gift card codes when you’re ready to spend your gift cards.

It’s never been easier to reward customers and employees


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