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Gift and incentivise employees when face to face isn’t an option

Posted on 22 June 2021
Read time 2 mins
Author Hannah 🌟

Send unique, personal and physical rewards to your staff


The world of work has seen seismic changes over the last year. Remote working is a cultural shift, and many businesses are making provisions to accommodate flexible office-based and home-based working patterns, in some cases shutting their office doors altogether and going 100% remote. So what does this mean for employee motivation and rewards and recognition initiatives?


Employee motivation has become a lot more of a challenge. Traditional methods such as lunches, snacks, outings will no longer always be viable. In the customer incentive world, there is a similar challenge; customers are at home more, so the incentives need to adjust to cope and make the switch to digital. Personalisation is also key, and the challenge is to deliver a digital yet personal incentive. 


Incentivising and celebrating the small wins matters more than ever


Tillo's partner, Reward Gateway, highlights the need to Celebrate small wins and progress. “During times of uncertainty, we often operate in “survival mode” and forget the importance of acknowledging and rewarding the small victories that employees have experienced throughout their day. A critical factor in this is frequent and continuous reward and recognition, whether that’s a simple “thank you” after they’ve handled a challenging situation with a customer, or offering the team a treat or early clock-off after achieving a deadline. What’s important is for employees to receive that positive reinforcement as they journey through these uncertain times.”


Similarly, Benefex agrees in their blog “It was easy to thank high performers when they sat beside me, now not so much,” going on to talk about celebrating small wins and using social media to recognise people. 


Reward, gift and incentivise employees with unique, personal and tangible gifts when face to face isn’t an option


This is exactly why we have developed our gifting functionality within the Tillo platform. Businesses will be able to use it to reward, gift or incentivise someone with a unique, personal or tangible gift, sent digitally, when face to face is not an option, choosing from a variety of unique gifts that would normally be given in person.


How it works


From later next month, Tillo partners and their customers will be able to access a range of physical gifts - from bottles of wine to flowers to cups of coffee; we’ve got it covered! Simply choose the gift you want to send, share the recipient's email address, and we’ll take care of the rest - you don’t even need to know their postal address. 


Look out for our gifting resources over the next few weeks, from ‘how to’ guides to webinars. We’ll be on hand to answer any questions about enabling this within your account so your customers don’t miss out!


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