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Netevia & Tillo Partner to Launch Rewards and Cashback Programs for US Banking and Fintech Companies

Posted on 6 June 2024
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Author Sophia 🌱

Leveraging Tillo’s plug-and-play API, Netevia customers will be connected to popular brands’ gift cards at competitive prices. 

Tillo, the first global gift card network and API purpose-built to make it easy for brands and buyers to unlock engagement and drive growth, and Netevia, a leading financial technology company transforming the way businesses can accept payments and manage their funds, have announced today their partnership to launch new rewards and cashback programs to Netevia’s banking and debit product customers.

With a shared vision of providing innovative and accessible financial solutions for both businesses and consumers, the partnership will leverage Tillo’s expertise in digital gift card processing and Netevia’s technology and reach across the emerging market with its banking and payments platform of over 31,000 merchants. Through Tillo’s real-time tools, Netevia’s has created a unique way of utilizing its banking app to allow cardholders to take advantage of instant gift card issuance and payment. This new offering of discounted gift cards ranges from various brands to fuel cashback programs, including Amazon, Starbucks, Uber, Lyft, Hotels.com, BestBuy, and more.

“We look forward to working with Netevia to unlock even more rewards and cashback options for its users,” said Alex Preece, CEO at Tillo.

“The integration of our easily-deployed API will offer a seamless connection to an impressive list of global brands into Netevia’s already strong services – driving increased adoption amongst banking and fintech users.”


"We are passionate about unlocking added benefits for our consumers and merchants network and looked for a partner with award-winning technology as we wanted a unique experience and Tillo stepped up with their Global API." said Vlad Sadovskiy, CEO at Netevia.

"We have paved a new path, redesigning the process to allow our customers to enjoy discounts on their favorite brands through our app, by simply walking in the store to access discounted gift cards using their accumulated Netevia points on their Netevia branded business card,  professional card or Air card to enjoy instant saving gratification. There is no need to worry about having a messy gift card wallet. Netevia’s banking app is the perfect way to access over 300 national gift card brand offers every day on demand.”


About Tillo
Tillo makes gift cards, rewards, and incentives simple, efficient, and profitable. Tillo is challenging the market with a best-in-class, plug-and-go API that offers businesses seamless connections to 2,000+ global brands that their customers and employees love. 

Tillo is the first global gift card network purpose-built to make it easy for brands and buyers to unlock engagement and growth through sustained partnerships, helping people's money go further, inspiring lasting loyalty, and building meaningful relationships. 

Tillo operates in 37 markets and 16 currencies, processing billions of dollars worth of gift cards through its award-winning platform. 

For more information, visit Tillo

About Netevia
Netevia is one of the fastest-growing technology platforms for payment service providers, ISOs, integrated service providers, and merchants, powering more than $12 billion transactions yearly. Leveraging its proprietary operating platform, Netevia delivers its partners a frictionless way to build and scale their businesses. Netevia's robust suite of embedded financial tools is a modern, merchant-centric alternative to traditional banking, providing faster access to cash flow and innovation, simplifying the merchant experience. Founded to democratize financial services, Netevia has established a global financial platform that has revolutionized transactions for millions of businesses worldwide.  

For more information, visit Netevia

PR Contact 
Myra Austin 
Touchdown PR for Tillo 


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