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Finfare Connect Chooses Tillo Rewards & Incentives Platform to Scale in US Market

Posted on 10 May 2024
Read time 2 mins
Author Alix

Tillo and Finfare Connect's complementary technologies will give customers across the U.S. access to gift cards from their favorite brands.

Tillo, the first global gift card network and API purpose-built to make it easy for brands and buyers to unlock engagement and drive growth, today announced that Finfare Connect, a state-of-the-art technology solution, and personalized rewards platform, has chosen its market-leading embedded rewards and incentives platform to scale business reach in the U.S. Following the companies' successful partnership in the United Kingdom, the new market collaboration will give U.S. customers seamless access to gift cards from their favorite brands.

Finfare Connect's rewards platform smartly uses incredibly rich consumer data to analyze shopping habits and offer extremely personalized rewards for the end user while driving incremental sales for the merchant. With Tillo's plug-and-go API, Finfare Connect's end users can be directly connected to multiple rewards mechanics including gift cards on a wide-ranging selection of brands and retailers they love, such as Starbucks, Target, Best Buy, Apple, and Hotels.com.

Shortly after Tillo was deployed in the UK, Finfare Connect saw rapid growth within its customer base. Over the course of a year, Finfare Connect estimates there will be up to half a million users engaging with gift cards via Tillo in the U.S. Finfare Connect's rapid expansion into the U.S. comes at an exciting time for Tillo as well, which is already growing its Austin, Texas team, overall offerings and catalog of rewards for the North American market.

"Our partnership with Finfare Connect has led to significant success in the UK, and we look forward to mirroring and likely exceeding that in the U.S. market," said Alex Preece, CEO and co-founder of Tillo. "Tillo is setting a new standard for rewards and incentives, and with Finfare Connect, we can further our goal of connecting consumers with the brands they love while driving customer satisfaction and loyalty. Finfare Connect's innovative platform, which is a one-stop shop for loyalty and rewards, partnered with Tillo's huge portfolio of brands, will add considerable value for customers."

"In addition to our history of collaboration, we chose to deploy Tillo in the U.S. because it fits with our vision to support brands in engaging and retaining customers with personalized rewards," said Brad Blake, Chief Growth Officer Finfare Connect. "Our technology means we can quickly deploy programs with the highest level of personalization thanks to the use of payment-linked data, and Tillo offers a straightforward deployment that allows us to offer personalized gift cards as part of our rewards portfolio. Tillo also provided competitive rates, incredibly responsive customer service, easy-to-use dashboard and APIs. We are incredibly pleased to be working with Tillo in the U.S. and look forward to what we will accomplish together."

About Finfare Connect:

Finfare Connect is a market-leading rewards platform that helps businesses engage and retain customers with personalized offers. Using payment-linked data and turn-key technology, businesses can go live within days, offer instant personalization and white-label portals, and begin generating revenue.

With over 5,000 merchants, 35 publishers, and 15 million users, CONNECT provides a game-changing, data-driven solution for open banking, card-linked, affiliate offers, and gift cards in the UK, US, and Australia.

Finfare Connect is part of Finfare Inc., a hyper-growth fintech company based in Irvine, California, that helps businesses and consumers grow their money, manage their spending, and take control of their financial futures.

About Tillo:

Tillo makes gift cards, rewards, and incentives simple, efficient, and profitable. Tillo is challenging the market with a best-in-class, plug-and-go API that offers businesses seamless connections to 2,000+ global brands that their customers and employees love.

Tillo is the first global gift card network purpose-built to make it easy for brands and buyers to unlock engagement and growth through sustained partnerships, helping people's money go further, inspiring lasting loyalty, and building meaningful relationships.

Tillo operates in 37 markets and 16 currencies, processing billions of dollars worth of gift cards through its award-winning platform.

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