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42% growth in sales in 2020 despite multiple lockdowns 

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28% Average YoY Face value sales growth 

Gift Cards processed

39% average increase in transactions YoY


The New Look story began in 1969 as a single fashion store in the UK. From there, they have grown to become a leading fashion brand, with 475 stores in the UK and Ireland. Their online offering, newlook.com, also ships to around 66 countries worldwide.  


New Look wanted to expand its reach into the UK B2B market; however, the API integrations and float management required to work with new partners made the whole process awkward for both parties. New Look also wanted to track its gift voucher sales in real-time and move away from using Excel spreadsheets.


Tillo's powerful API instantly connected New Look to hundreds of new partners and their millions of B2B end users. Integrating with a new partner was previously a strain on both parties' time and resources, and Tillo helped New Look to streamline the whole process.

Additionally, Tillo's dashboard gave New Look access to live performance analytics to easily monitor their sales and track the success of discount campaigns.

Roly Gordon, Senior Partnership Manager at New Look, explains: "Before working with Tillo, there was at times some unnecessary friction involved in accessing new B2B customers. We knew it shouldn't be so complicated, and thankfully we were right. Tillo seamlessly connected us to hundreds of partners and removed the obstacles we had previously faced. Tillo's dashboard is also our favourite reporting tool of all the partners we work with. It's incredibly user friendly and easy to use, and we love the constant stream of new features you release."


New Look has experienced 28% average YoY Face value sales growth since joining the Tillo network in 2017 and processed over seventy thousand gift cards to date. Moreover, despite the economic uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic and successive lockdowns, New Look's face-value sales actually increased by 42% in 2020.  

"We’re over the moon to see online B2B sales growth during a difficult year with COVID-19. Having access to new streams of B2B gift card revenue really helps us grow our gift card programme. The Tillo platform is incredibly user friendly and easy to use and we love the constant stream of new features you release."

Roly Gordon,
Senior Partnership Manager at New Look


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