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Unwrapping the Digital Gift Experience: Spotlight on Tillo's Wrappr Delivery

Posted on 6 November 2023
Read time 2 mins
Author Rachel 🚀

When was the last time you genuinely looked forward to opening a digital gift? Emails and text notifications, while practical, rarely capture the essence of surprise and delight that we experience when unwrapping a physical gift, so we decided to change that.

Enter Tillo's Wrappr delivery, the solution that changes the digital gifting experience into something memorable. 

What is Wrappr? 

Imagine bridging the emotional gap between the digital and physical worlds of gifting. Wrappr does precisely that by transforming your digital gift card into an interactive experience. It's not just about handing over a reward; it's about crafting an unforgettable journey from the first click to final redemption. 


Why Experience Is So Important 

In an era where everyone is overwhelmed with choices, what makes your brand memorable is the experience you provide. An exceptional experience ensures customer loyalty and repeat business, and this goes beyond the quality of your products or services. People remember how you made them feel, not just the product or reward they received.

Our Wrappr delivery encapsulates this, making each digital gift a memorable touchpoint that enhances the entire customer relationship - helping you surprise and delight your customers and ensuring they form a positive association with your brand. 

Let’s take a look at the Magic Behind Wrappr. ✨

1. Sparking Interactive Joy 

Gone are the days when digital gifts were just transactional. Wrappr lets the recipient savor the anticipation, allowing them to virtually "unwrap" their gift digitally. This small interactive element injects the excitement typically reserved for physical unwrapping into an interaction that would otherwise be… well, a bit boring. 

2. Becoming Deeply Personal 

Wrappr makes each digital gift unique to the recipient. Customizing the experience ensures a sense of intimacy and thoughtfulness that transforms each digital gift from a mere transaction to a heartfelt gesture.

3. Creating an Immersive Journey 

From the first click to the final redemption, Wrappr ensures an engaging and immersive experience. Your customers are not just clicking through; they're going on a rewarding journey that deepens their connection to your brand.

4. Forming Long-Lasting Memories 

By providing an exceptional experience, Wrappr fosters positive memories that keep your customers coming back for more. This emotional engagement translates into loyalty, the holy grail for any business.

Where Could Tillo’s Wrappr Take You? 

The opportunity to use Wrappr to enhance the digital giving experience is endless! Here are some of the ways that you could use Wrappr to take your rewards and incentives to the next level. 

🌟 Make digital rewards more personalized!

🏢 Turn every workplace incentive into a delightful experience that employees will treasure.

✨ Foster customer relationships that go beyond transactions.

🎁 Differentiate your offerings by making each reward an immersive experience.

🙌 Reimagine loyalty not just as points earned but as an engaging, emotional journey.

Are you ready to elevate the customer experience through the art of virtual unwrapping? 

To get on board, book a demo with Tillo today and make each gift more than just a transaction.

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