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Release Notes 01.24 - The One with Buyer Reporting and Some Big Plans for 2024!

Release Notes
Posted on 26 January 2024
Read time 4 mins
Author Rachel 🚀

With the Tillo Product team doing so much behind the scenes to improve the service we offer our customers, we thought it was high time for us to bring their magic to the front line by hosting their release notes publicly on our website.

So, without further introduction, here are January’s release notes from Tillo!

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New Brands on the Tillo Network
Our Latest Release - Brand and Buyer Reporting
✨ What's in Store for 2024 with Tillo StoreFront?
Launching International Payments
Streamlining Buyer Onboarding 
Making it Easier to Access More Brands, Faster!
Making 2024 the Year of Our API
Growing the Tillo Platform to New Levels
Putting Data at the Heart of Every Department

New to the Tillo Network! 👀

Before we jump into our exciting product plans for 2024, we’d like to welcome 28 new Brands to the Tillo Network! (a new monthly Tillo record, perhaps?)

New Brands this month include Five Guys, Guess, Pottery Barn, Michaels, Smashburger, and Rituals, to name but a few!

Tillo’s Brand & Buyer Reporting is Now Better Than Ever! 🙌

We’re thrilled to announce that our new reporting service is now live for both Brands and Buyers on the Tillo Network.

What does this mean?

Our reporting is now so robust that it’s only limited by the parameters of Excel, plus no more sitting around on the order history page waiting for your reports to run. Just hit ‘generate report,’ once your report is ready, it will be waiting for you in your new reporting center. 

If you’d like to learn more about this exciting upgrade to our reporting, check out this more detailed reporting post by Product Manager Charley Watters. 

Reporting in the Tillo Hub for greater efficiency

What’s in Store for Tillo in 2024? 🔮

Like most people in January, we’ve been looking ahead at what we’d like to achieve in 2024 - so here’s a taste of what’s in store, starting with a whole host of improvements to Tillo StoreFront.

storefront mockup on laptop and phone

We’re Making Our StoreFront Checkout Experience Even Slicker for Your Customers

Currently, StoreFront customers can only check out with one gift card brand at a time, but with the demand for digital gift cards in the B2C market growing, we thought it was about time to change that. 

So, we’re making upgrades to the StoreFront checkout experience, introducing a basket that allows users to purchase different gift card brands in one go for an all-improved experience.

And StoreFront upgrades don’t stop there. We’re also working on enhancing your customers' browsing experience by giving them the option to filter the catalog page by brand category. This means customers will be able to refine their search and more easily find the brands they’ll love. 

We’re Also Making StoreFront Better for Our Buyers

We know that highlighting specific brands in your StoreFront catalog is important to you, so we’re making it possible for you to do so. Soon, you’ll be able to pin top brands to the front page of your StoreFront, allowing you to highlight or feature certain brands to your users.

We’re Helping You Deliver a Better StoreFront Experience to Your Customers

While StoreFront is designed to be as hassle-free as possible, we know that customer service queries can still occur. So, we’re working hard behind the scenes to make improvements to our StoreFront support materials to help you equip your customers with the tools they need to get the most out of StoreFront.

We’re Bringing StoreFront to the US!

We’ve seen unbelievable demand for StoreFront in the UK and can’t wait to also have it available to Tillo customers across the pond. If you’re interested in StoreFront and are based in the US, then let us know, and we’ll make sure you’re the first to know when it’s ready.

Plus, here’s a sneak peek at some other StoreFront improvements coming soon…

  • We’re bringing more payment options to StoreFront, including Open Banking, as well as exploring PayPal, Venmo, and more!

  • We’re exploring expanding StoreFront’s functionality to support more use cases. Think: points redemption, cashback earned, and cash out!

  • We’re giving you more configuration options, ensuring you have the tools and flexibility to manage and update your StoreFront look and feel.

  • We’re making it easier to run StoreFront promotions, helping you to drive more sales!

Launching our All-New International Payments Feature 🌎

We’re currently working on a groundbreaking FX feature that will allow you to fulfill all your gift card needs from a single float. No need to maintain separate floats in all currencies, just let our International Payments feature take the strain. 

Due for release in February this year, we believe this will help our customers reduce admin and open up new markets, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Streamlining the Buyer Onboarding Experience 🚀

We’ve worked incredibly hard to make the onboarding experience seamless for our customers, but that doesn’t mean we’re stopping there!

In 2024, we’re making it easier than ever for prospective customers to try before they buy by giving them direct access to the Tillo Sandbox product themselves. By taking Tillo for a test drive before signing up, new Tillo Buyers can get a feel for what’s in store. Plus, they’ll be able to start setting up their account, further simplifying the onboarding process to ensure they get super speedy access to our catalog of gift cards.

Making it Easier for You to Access More Brands faster! 🛍️

With Tillo’s Brand catalog growing at a record rate, we’re continuing to think of new ways to improve our internal Brand onboarding process, ensuring you gain access to new content as quickly as possible.

This isn’t just behind-the-scenes magic; it's a strategic initiative aimed at bringing you a vastly expanded array of international brands and making those brands available to you much faster so you can better meet the demands of your own users. 

Making 2024 the Year of Our API 🔗

2024 marks the start of our API glow-up journey! While we already have one of the fastest APIs in the industry, we’re continuing to work on enhancing its functionality and performance with a focus on exceeding your expectations. 

By prioritizing feature improvements and optimizing performance, our goal is to deliver a more robust and seamless experience for you by catering to your changing needs before you’ve even thought of them! Through these improvements, we aim to set the bar for what a gift card API should be. 

What’s top of the list? Top-up functionality via our API, so Buyers can conveniently add funds to digital gift cards directly from their preferred applications or platforms.

Growing the Tillo Platform to New Levels 📈

In 2024, our Platform team remains committed to enhancing your experience, and this year, we're boosting our systems for speed of delivery, reliability, and scalability. Our aim is not just to upgrade our infrastructure but to empower our development team to better serve you. 

Brace yourself for continuous deployment – a game changer allowing us to swiftly fix bugs and roll out new features.

Putting Data at the Heart of Every Department 📊

Our data team is gearing up for some serious collaboration. We're on a mission to team up with every department in Tillo, making sure that everyone can effortlessly tap into and self-serve more detailed data.

Why? Because having the right data at our fingertips helps us understand you and our business. It means we can better provide insights, services, and product improvements that align more closely with your needs and preferences, offering you more value all around.


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