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Empowering crypto exchange through digital gift cards

Cash out your bitcoin and crypto via gift cards that you can spend with a huge range of brands and retailers


Crypto exchanges are enabling people everywhere to buy, hold and sell cryptocurrency, playing a vital role in the global digital ecosystem.

With fierce competition, there's a clear need to build greater flexibility and drive consumer engagement. Give consumers the option to cash out their crypto onto a digital gift card of their choice, and open up a world of retail spending opportunities.


Cash out crypto to digital gift cards – instantly


Make crypto more usable in daily life

Existing flat cashout options – converting cryptocurrency into government-issued legal tender – often come with significant fees, and can take days to transfer funds to an external bank account. Enabling cashout to digital gift cards, however, gives customers greater flexibility, control and choice over how they use their tokens. What’s more, they are delivered instantly.

Are you maximising the opportunity?


Expanding your off ramp offering to include digital gift cards, will help you grow your revenue opportunities by offering more choice and personalisation options than simply withdrawing funds to a consumer's bank account.

of crypto respondents spent some of their crypto in the last 12 months.

46 million
U.S consumers said they would likely use cryptocurrencies to make retail purchases.

Approximately 15,174
businesses worldwide accept Bitcoin.

Each day over $1 million
is spent on goods and services with Bitcoin in the U.S alone.

such as Gucci, Microsoft, Amazon, Etsy and Tag Heuer accept crypto as payment.

Deliver the brands people love with Tillo


Tillo enables crypto exchanges to bring greater value to their crypto members with:

  • A network of over 2,000 brands
  • Across 35 countries
  • And 16 different currencies
  • An award winning platform. Its easy to plug-and-go via our API.


crypto-exchangeIt's never been easier to exchange crypto to digital gift cards with  Tillo logo

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