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5 Valentine's Day Ideas for a Lovable Loyalty Program

Posted on 1 February 2023 Read time 3 mins
Author Sophia Whitham

With the average US consumer belonging to 16.7 customer loyalty programs, it can be hard to stick out from the crowd, making it essential for brands and businesses to lean into loyalty promotions at every opportunity.

One such opportunity is February 14th, Valentine's Day 💕, the perfect time to shake up your loyalty program after the Christmas period by delivering a little extra love to your customers.

In celebration of all things love and loyalty, here are five Valentine's Day promotions that are bound to get customers' hearts racing. 

1. Surprise and delight loyal customers with a gift

One of the themes of Valentine's Day is giving, so why not give a surprise something back to your most loyal customers? While it may be tempting to send out a generic reward, 75% of American consumers admit to being more loyal to brands that show they understand them on a personal level. 

Personalisation doesn’t need to be complex and could be as simple as offering them a Choice Link. Choice puts the power back in the hands of your customers, letting them choose where they want to spend their reward. Businesses can customise Tillo Choice Links to include any number of retailers from Tillo’s catalogue of 2000+ brands, ensuring you can surprise and delight each and every one of your customer segments.

94% of customers who receive a surprise gift or some form of special recognition say they feel more positive about a brand, and 34% say they’d purchase more as a result


2. Show some love to charity

It’s not just your customers who appreciate a gift on Valentine’s Day. Why not build a charitable donation option into your loyalty program or app that allows customers to donate a portion of their accrued rewards to a charity of their choice?

To make even more of an impact, you could then match the amount of any donated rewards sending double the love to charity. 


69% of people give to charity - make it easier to do so by giving them the option to donate some or all of their earned rewards


3. Double the fun on February 14th 

While not everyone may celebrate Valentine's Day, most people can get behind a chance to get something for nothing; plus, double points incentives are a great way to increase average spend. 

For February 14th or the period surrounding Valentine’s Day, why not give your customers a chance to earn double the rewards, helping their spending go further regardless of whether they’re spending for Valentine's Day or their day-to-day? 


64% of loyalty program members spend more money to maximise points earnings


4. Turn up the heat on referrals   

Referred customers are twice as valuable as those acquired through conventional marketing because they’ve already created a positive association with your brand.

Sharing is caring, making Valentine’s Day the perfect time to grow your loyal fan base by encouraging customers to share their love for your loyalty program. To make referrals even hotter, consider adding a little extra sign-up bonus.

81% of UK and US customers trust advice from friends and family over brand messaging


5. Lean into all kinds of love

Valentine’s Day traditions now extend to friends, family and pets, not just significant others. Whatever promotion you run this February 14th, ensure it’s inclusive regardless of who your customers choose to share their love with. 

An easy way to keep your Valentine’s loyalty promotion inclusive would be to extend it across all purchases. Alternatively, you could run separate Valentine’s campaigns to audience groups based on their interests. 

56% of consumers plan to shop for friends, family, and pets this Valentine’s Day and 13% plan to shop for themselves


Making loyalty rewarding for your customers 

Loyalty is valuable, but it isn’t easily earned. For customers to join and remain on a loyalty program long-term, they need to feel adequately rewarded.

According to Statista, lack-lustre rewards are the top reason millennials abandon customer loyalty programs, followed by taking too long to accumulate points and not having enough ways to earn points. 

Tillo’s innovative platform makes it easy for businesses to access, manage, and distribute the best loyalty rewards. Whether points or cashback, Tillo enables consumers to choose from a catalogue of over 2000+ brands in 34 markets and 16 currencies, ensuring each and every customer can feel surprised and delighted. 

Get in touch with us today and discover how Tillo can supercharge loyalty, acquisition and growth for your business. 

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