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4 Innovative and Profitable Uses for Digital Gift Cards Outside of Employee Rewards

Posted on 22 January 2024
Read time 2 mins
Author Sophia 🌱

In today's fast-paced digital world, businesses are constantly seeking innovative strategies to stay ahead in the market, and one such strategy that has proven to be both innovative and profitable is the utilization of digital gift cards. 

At Tillo, we understand the potential of digital gift cards and offer a range of applications that can transform how businesses engage with their customers. So, without further introduction, here are four compelling use cases for digital gift cards that demonstrate their versatility and profitability outside traditional gifting. 

1. Cashback: Turning everyday transactions into profit generators

Imagine a world where your everyday spending also adds exceptional value to every transaction. 

By integrating gift card discounts into cashback services, banks, and financial institutions can transform ordinary transactions into profit-generating activities, not only enhancing the value of their services for the end user but also generating revenue for their business. 

Earn cashback while you shop and cash out to a digital gift card

With one connection to a global gift card API like Tillo's, you can effortlessly incorporate gift cards into your growth strategy, expanding your user base and ensuring sustainable revenue generation. 

Learn more about profit-boosting cashback

2. B2C Distribution: Adding a new revenue stream with Tillo StoreFront

Perhaps the most obvious use case for digital gift cards outside of gifting is to sell them directly to consumers. Using Tillo’s StoreFront, businesses can capitalize on the growing gift card market while also earning a profit with each transaction. 

storefront mockup on laptop and phone

By associating cashback with these sales, businesses can also choose to offer even more value to their customers while maintaining their profitability and adding additional value to their services. It’s a win-win for you and those you serve. 

Learn more about selling B2C with StoreFront 

3. Points Cash Out: Turning loyalty into gift cards

Gift cards are easy to redeem and universally appreciated, making them an ideal choice for loyalty programs. 

Whether you’re trying to incentivize engagement, increase repeat transactions, or simply reward your most loyal customers, enabling them to cash out their points to a gift card is a crowd-pleasing solution. 

Loyalty rewards on mobile phone flow

Consumers get rewarded with the brands they love, and you get to benefit from powerful gift card discounts, reducing the cost of acquisition and keeping your loyalty program in the green. 

Learn more about using gift cards as loyalty cash out

4. Funds Disbursement: Using gift cards as a swift and effective solution for mass payouts

Whether for relief support programs, fundraising initiatives, or incentive schemes, gift cards are a flexible and reliable solution for mass payouts - as proven by the UK Government, who turned to Tillo to power the Free School Meals Scheme during the COVID-19 pandemic.  


In addition to their swift delivery and universal appeal, gift cards also come with the added ability to be closely refined to specific use cases, brands, or products, ensuring that the payment you send is used for its intended purpose. 

Plus, the ability to save a significant portion of your budget via gift card discounts allows more to be reinvested in the program or further relief support - helping your payments go further. 

Learn more about using gift cards for mass payments

Do more with a gift card platform designed for profitability 

It’s clear that gift cards are more than a gift - they’re a versatile tool that can drive profitability, customer engagement, and operational efficiency.

At Tillo, we’re redefining the role of digital gift cards in the business landscape, offering solutions that are innovative, reliable, and immensely profitable at all stages of the customer lifecycle.

To find out more, get in touch with us today and speak to one of our experts about how we can help you do more in 2024. 

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