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Valuedynamx and Tillo Partnership: Reinventing Rewards Redemption

Posted on 23 May 2024
Read time 1 mins
Author Alix

In an exciting collaboration set to transform the rewards redemption landscape, Valuedynamx has partnered with Tillo to supercharge their Pay with Points platform using Tillo's gift card API, providing them with a connection to a vast network of brands. Pay With Points enables reward programs to offer e-gift cards to their members in exchange for reward currency. 

Tillo is an embedded rewards and incentives platform that supercharges businesses with sustainable growth by connecting companies with rewards and incentives from 2000+ global brands including Amazon UK, Asos, John Lewis & Partners and Sainsburys making it easier to attract, engage, and retain customers at all stages of the customer life cycle. More than just rewards management, Tillo unlocks innovative and profitable use cases for digital e-gift cards, presenting businesses with untapped potential for revenue generation.

This partnership with Valuedynamx enables reward program members to access and utilize rewards currency (points / miles) to Pay With Points with their preferred merchant brand in real-time, online or in-store, enabling a seamless and gratifying shopping experience with their preferred retailers.

About Valuedynamx:

Valuedynamx is a leading global provider of curated, data-driven omnichannel purchase rewards. Part of Collinson, a group acknowledged for delivering the world’s most valued travel ecosystem, Valuedynamx combines its expertiseacross payments, card-linking, affiliate marketing, earning and redemption into a single entity that delivers relevant and engaging solutions for its clients.

Valuedynamx enhances customer loyalty and drives transactional engagement for some of the world’s largest airlines, banks, financial institutions and hotel groups. Valuedynamx supports over 400 million consumers, maintains 50,000 retail and travel partners, and provides more than 400,000 rewards in more than 180 countries.

Collinson has more than 30 years in loyalty and customer engagement experience, and more than 10 years focused on delivering loyalty commerce solutions. The organization has been at the forefront of loyalty innovation, continually evolving and building capability to meet the changing needs of clients and their customers.
For more information, visit www.valuedynamx.com.

About Tillo:

Tillo makes gift cards, rewards, and incentives simple, efficient, and profitable. Tillo is challenging the market with a best-in-class, plug-and-go API that offers businesses seamless connections to 2,000+ global brands that their customers and employees love.

Tillo is the first global gift card network purpose-built to make it easy for brands and buyers to unlock engagement and growth through sustained partnerships, helping people's money go further, inspiring lasting loyalty, and building meaningful relationships.

Tillo operates in 37 markets and 16 currencies, processing billions of dollars worth of gift cards through its award-winning platform.


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