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Tillo is now live on G2!

Posted on 30 January 2023
Read time 1 mins
Author Sophia 🌱

Tillo is now live on G2.com, the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace. With more than 80 million people using G2 to make smarter software decisions, we couldn’t think of a better place to share Tillo’s innovative platform.

Why G2 is the world’s largest marketplace for software

When it came to building the world’s largest marketplace for software, G2 focused on one very important feature - authentic reviews.

Unlike other review sites that require no user authentication, G2 places unbiased, authentic reviews at its core, ensuring that the reviews people read are from real people with real experience using the software and not from a robot. 

G2 is now home to more than 2 million reviews, and each and every one of them are vetted and moderated. We’re very excited to start earning our own G2 reviews and to use the power of peer-to-peer recommendations to help new audiences discover Tillo. 

Leave Tillo a review on G2

At Tillo, we’ve always valued the feedback of our customers, but we’ve never had a unified place for them to leave reviews.

Customers can finally share their thoughts and opinions with the wider world, and we won’t be the only ones reading their reviews. 

86% of software buyers use peer review sites when buying software


86% of software buyers look to review sites when making a decision, meaning your opinion on Tillo can directly impact the growth and success of our business. 

If you’re enjoying your Tillo experience, then please consider leaving us a review 🙏
We’ll be very grateful, and we might even have a surprise for you…

Review Tillo on G2

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