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New download: How to get more from your gift card programme for retailers

Posted on 2 September 2021
Read time 2 mins
Author Tillo

A gift card programme is a great opportunity for retailers, but many don’t realise the true potential it offers. Especially the many ways you can diversify your programme to attract, engage, and retain customers. That’s why we’ve created our latest e-book that highlights the different methods you can use to make your gift card programme really work for you.

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Discover the latest digital gift card market insights


Did you know, the gift card market is now worth £6.9 billion, £1 billion more than its previous evaluation in 2019, and these developments haven’t gone unnoticed.

Many retailers have now broadened their gift card programme to reach B2B customers. Reward and employee benefit platforms are more accessible than ever, allowing retailers to reach a whole new branch of consumers, not just B2C. In one instance, sales via a B2B online portal increased from £250m in 2019 to £850m in 2020.

Both B2B and B2C channels of the digital gift card market are thriving, and it’s never been easier to tap into their success. Our e-book explains exactly how, in addition to more industry facts and figures every retailer needs to know.


Devise a successful gift card programme strategy


Digital gift card platforms have made it easier for retailers to find opportunities, execute their strategy, and measure results across their gift card programme. Not only do digital gift card platforms open the doors to an extensive network of partners and retailers, but they also consolidate your data into one place. They include features such as live data, audience insights, and an intuitive interface. Giving you the flexibility to easily manage and optimise your strategy.

Our e-book explores how you can embrace innovative technology, such as a digital gift card platform, to access new opportunities, set up your strategy, and continuously fine-tune your goals. It's never been easier to access an expansive network of businesses and partners, discover new use cases, and quickly add them to your strategy.


What you’ll find in the e-book


  • The latest industry insights, facts, and figures that every retailer needs to know
  • The opportunities within the B2B digital gift card market
  • In-depth examples of use cases for your business, including:
    • Rewards and recognition
    • Voluntary benefits
    • Cash-out
    • Loyalty
    • Gift card malls
    • Affiliate
    • Insurance
    • Charity
    • Delay and pay
    • Digital currency
  • Real-life case studies of successful gift card programmes
  • How to make your gift card programme work for you


Download your free copy today


At Tillo we're leaders in gifting across 29 global markets. In our latest e-book, you'll discover the power of digital gift cards and how to maximise their potential for your business today. 


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