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Join Tillo at the Open Banking Expo in Toronto

Posted on 1 June 2023
Read time 2 mins
Author Sophia 🌱

If one event in Canada wasn’t enough this June, we’re also excited to be present at the highly anticipated Open Banking Expo in Toronto! This year marks the fifth iteration of Canada’s premier Open Banking event, known for influencing the roadmap and fostering productive collaborations in the industry.

Our strategic advisors, Daniel Kornitzer and Michelle Beyo, are both set to play crucial roles at the expo, and we couldn't be more excited to have them share their insights and experience. 

Don’t Miss Daniel Kornitzer at the Open Banking Expo

Daniel Open Banking Expo

Daniel Kornitzer, a payments expert and Strategic Advisor for Tillo, will be participating in a panel debate that addresses the main challenges of Open Banking implementation. In an environment where the regulatory framework is intricate, and consumer trust is paramount, this panel will explore the need for an urgent, collaborative approach to overcoming these challenges.

The potential rewards of Open Banking in Canada are significant, but it's essential to understand how to navigate the complexities, upgrade technical infrastructure, build consumer trust, and promote healthy competition without creating insurmountable barriers for smaller institutions. Be sure to tune into Daniel's panel at 11:55 on Stage 2 for valuable insights into this critical conversation.

Don’t Miss Michelle Beyo at the Open Banking Expo

Michelle Beyo, another invaluable advisor at Tillo, is also actively participating in this years Open Banking Expo, moderating both a fireside chat and a panel discussion.

Her fireside chat, titled "Pay by Bank: The Emerging Trend Displacing Cards," will delve into the recent advancements in the payment industry. Focusing on Stripe's recent announcements about their Pay by Bank service, the chat will unravel the drivers behind this transformative trend and its potential impact on the broader financial landscape. This is a crucial discussion for anyone keen on understanding the dynamics of a shifting payments landscape, and we can’t wait to hear it at 11:30 am on Stage 2.

Michelle is also moderating a panel discussion titled "Open Finance Means Open Data – ignore it at your peril!" which will focus on the successors of Open Banking: Open Finance and Open Data. Expert panelists, including Eytan Bensoussan, Chief Executive Officer at NorthOne; Franklin Garrigues, Vice President of External Ecosystems TD; Sandy Kyriakatos, Chief Data Officer at Equifax Canada; and Steven Thomas, Chief Technology Officer at Portfolio+, will discuss the importance of engaging stakeholders from various industries early on to create an open ecosystem, the role of a Consumer Data Right (CDR), and how partnerships can be formed between competitors for the greater good. Don’t miss it at 4:35 pm on Stage 1. 


Join Tillo at the Open Banking Expo in Toronto!

Whether you're a fintech business, a brand, or a potential partner, we’d love to connect with you at the event. Feel free to get in touch with Daniel or Michelle via LinkedIn, or if you aren’t at the Expo this year, then reach out to us directly

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