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This Christmas we’re asking - ‘What if Santa had a choice?’

Posted on 14 November 2022
Read time 2 mins
Author Sharon Forder

Think about it, from mince pies to red suits, have we ever really thought about Santa having a choice in the traditions we know and love? This month Tillo launched our 2022 Christmas campaign ‘Santa’s Choice’.   The ethos of the campaign being “If Santa had a choice, would he still be the Santa the world knows and loves or would he do things a bit differently?”


As we head into the festive season and organisations look at how they can reward and recognise customers and employees, we wanted to tell a story about the power of giving a gift of Choice and what better way to narrate it than by looking at what Santa would do given the choice!


So, here's our story, what if Santa had a choice this Christmas?


Lapland, mince pies, red velvet suits, and sturdy boots… Just a few of the things Santa loves, or does he? Think about it, has he ever really had a choice? 

If Santa had a choice, would he still want to be the Santa the world knows and loves or would he do things a bit differently?...


Perhaps Santa would dash around in the latest trainers or trade his fireplace mince pie for some salmon nigiri or “pho pho pho”. Does he like the cold? Maybe lying on a beach in the Caribbean is more his thing.  What would he choose, and how would he reward his loyal employees - the elves, who work so hard all year round making all the toys in Lapland?  If he had a choice, instead of guessing, he’d probably want to provide a personalised gift from a brand they love…


Giving your customers and employees the gift of choice

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At Tillo, we don't just give Santa a choice, but we also enable organisations to Reward and Recognise their customers and employees by giving them the gift of choice.

This festive season, you can harness the power of digital gift cards to connect people to the brands they love with Choice Links, the flexible digital gift card that helps you delight every customer or employee.  We’ve made it easy to deliver choice, enabling you to send 100s of brands as easily as a single gift card.  Recipients have the flexibility to split their link value across multiple brands to maximise their gift without needing to place multiple orders.  And you can personalise the experience, from making sure the recipient gets a personalised email to branding the Choice Link to match your corporate identity.


How would you spend your Choice Link?

So, if, like Santa, you had access to a Choice Link, how would you want to spend it?  With over 2,000 brands on our network, you can be sure we’ve got it covered this festive season. 


To find out what ‘the real’ Santa might be like and what he’d like if he had a choice, follow Tillo to find out what Santa gets up to over the coming weeks.  

‘Kevin the Carrot’ eat your heart out! Let us know your thoughts via #SantasChoice

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