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Interviewing at Tillo: Engineering

Posted on 26 October 2022
Read time 5 mins
Author Sara 💫

We know that changing jobs is not an easy decision to make, you want to be certain that the team’s culture and values align with your own. This is why our Engineering team created the Engineering Hub, it’s a space for Developers that are considering joining Tillo to learn more about the tech we use, team culture and our current vacancies.Our Hiring Process v3

We understand that interviews (especially technical ones!) can be intimidating for some, so we always try to be as open as possible with candidates to ensure everyone can bring their best self to an interview with Tillo. Each of our job adverts include a breakdown of the interview process, so even before applying you know exactly what to expect and how to prepare.

In this blog we are going to delve into the interview process for our Engineering team, so if you’re thinking of applying and want a better insight into what the next steps will be, you’re in the right place!


Step 1 - Sending your application


There’s two ways you can apply to us, either for a specific role or by joining our talent pool. Start by taking a look through our careers page, if you see a role that interests you click through for more details on the role, hiring manager and team.

Software Engineer

Once you have read through the job description in full, hopefully you’re keen to find out more and progress with an application! Before you do, take some time to find out more about who you might meet in the interview process and your potential new coworkers. Each of our roles will tell you who you’ll report into, in this case it’s Michael, our VP of Engineering. You can view their profile to find out more about what they do, and get valuable advice for interviewing with them!

Here is Michael’s advice for prospective candidates:

“There are a couple of things that impress us when we’re hiring engineers into the team: enthusiasm for the role, and a portfolio or passion project that shows your skills and problem solving abilities. Did you identify a challenge or gap and come up with a creative solution just because you were interested? We’d love to hear about it.

Even if this is your first software engineering role, you might have what we’re looking for! Always do your research, read the job description carefully, and bring your excitement to the interview" 🚀


By now you’ll be sure if this is the role & team for you (we hope!), so hit the apply button and tell us why you’re interested. As well as submitting your CV, you’ll have the opportunity to tell us why you think you’re a good fit for this role. Don’t be afraid to blow your own trumpet and be your authentic self, culture is hugely important to us so we want to get to know the real you.

Your application will be reviewed by our People team and we’ll be in touch either to provide feedback if we don’t think you’re the right fit, or to invite you to speak with us.


Step 2 - The Screening Interview


If you’re successful, you’ll have a 30 minute video call with a member of our People team (most likely me!) This will be a two way conversation in which you’ll learn more about the role and what it’s like to work at Tillo, and we’ll ask some questions to find out more about you and your experience. 

To prepare, have another look at the job description and our website to ensure you can convey why you’re interested. Have a think about your experience, and come to the call with some examples that are relevant to the role. This stage won’t be too technical, it’ll be more focused on your attitude and approach - We’ll be happy to see enthusiasm, proactiveness and accountability!


Step 3 - The Tech Test


If you are selected to progress, we’ll be in touch to arrange a time to send you our Tech Test. This is a chance for you to show off your technical skills! It won’t be timed, but we wouldn’t expect it to take you any more than 2 hours. You’ll need to complete the test within the language that relates to the specific role you’re going for, but if you’d like you can complete others too. 

This will be reviewed by a few members of the Engineering team, they’ll be looking to see how you approach problem solving and your technical abilities. Given that it’s just a short test, you’ll have a chance in the next stage to go into more detail about what you would do in a real life situation.


Step 4 - Meet the team


Next up is a more technical conversation between you and your potential coworkers, they will want to discuss your technical skills and get to know you better. Of course, this is an opportunity for you to confirm if this is the right role/team for you, so come prepared with some questions to ask.

To prepare, have a think about challenges you have faced in previous roles and how you have overcome them, a project you are most proud of and what motivates you. Have another look at the job description and think about what makes you a great candidate for the role. 


Step 5 - Final Interview


You’ll meet with Michael in our Hove offices, so you’ll get to see where you could soon be working. During this interview Michael will want to find out more about you, and why you are interested in this position, he will also discuss your technical test approach.

As this is the final stage, make sure you have some questions prepared to ensure you get the most out of the meeting. We would also recommend that you take a look at our Engineering Hub and reflect on your prior interviews so that you can show why you want to work at Tillo. Attitude is extremely important to us, we’re looking for passionate individuals to join our team. Here are some quotes from our team, to show you what the culture is like:

“Everything gets done in such an open way, and whatever their level, people are very open to discussions and new ideas. Even as a Junior Engineer, I’m welcome - and even encouraged - to challenge the status quo. It’s just a great way to work in tech, and so important.” Gerome Braddock - Software Engineer


“There have always been open and honest discussions - and although there’s a lot of expertise within the company, people are willing to be challenged. They’re not necessarily going into meetings with a strong point of view and sticking to it. There’s always been good, constructive, light discussions and sometimes your viewpoint will change based on what other people say.” Joe Barber - Engineering Manager


“We work together collaboratively via Slack, Miro, on calls and of course face-to-face discussions - and I really enjoy creative problem-solving. When we problem solve as a group, often someone will bring a point of view or opinion that you haven’t considered - and it will spark another idea or you’ll be able to combine ideas and then we’re really getting somewhere. 

As part of my role as Senior Software Engineer here, something I’m really keen on is knowledge sharing. I’m running a technical book club where we’re reading a section of a book each week and coming together as a group to spend half an hour discussing what we’ve been reading.” Naomi Gotts - Senior Software Engineer


Step 6 - Feedback/Offer


Providing your interviews have gone well, your future manager will give you a call to offer you the position 🥳 They will give you details on the onboarding process, and answer any questions you may have. 

You will receive your offer letter over email, then our People & IT teams will be in touch to get you set up to join the team!

If you are interested in joining our Engineering team, you’ll find our current vacancies here.

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