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Inside Tillo: A Q&A with Finance Assistant Adam Ursell on Life at Tillo

Posted on 15 September 2023
Read time 3 mins
Author Sara 💫

Last week, I sat down with Adam Ursell, one of our wonderful Finance Assistants, to learn a little more about what life in Tillo’s Finance Team is really like.

Adam has been with the team for just over a year, and we are so lucky to have him!

If you’re considering a role in Finance, then give this post a read to hear some of his advice, and if Tillo sounds up your street, then we’d love to hear from you; you can register your interest here and find our open roles here.

Let's jump into the Q&A 🚀. 


Hello, Adam 👋 We like to start our Q&A’s by letting people take the floor and tell us a little about themselves - over to you.

Hello! I’m Adam. I am from the New Forest, and I graduated last summer with first-class honours in Computer Science for Business and Management from the University of Sussex.

I have always enjoyed working as part of a team to understand different issues and trying to improve together. My hobbies are chess, football, gym, and food, which occupy most of my time. Any opportunity I get, I like to travel and see new places and new cultures as it really inspires me to adopt parts of different cultures into my own life.

Croatia Zip Lining with Adam

Adam after zip-lining in Croatia during our 2023 Incentives Trip! 

If you had to describe what you do in 10 words or less, what would you say?

Reconcile datasets to ensure correct payments and continued trading.


Why did you decide to go into Finance?

Due to the nature of my degree, I had the opportunity to develop my skill set in a broad range of topics. Finance was never one of the topics that was heavily covered in my degree. For this reason, I thought I could strengthen my knowledge in other areas by learning more about the finance industry. I wanted to learn as much as possible in my early career, so finance was an excellent opportunity to learn so much.


What does a typical day look like for a Finance Assistant at Tillo?

One of the nicest things about the role I am in is that two days are never the same.

However, there are also many consistencies. I will often block my day into multiple 2-hour slots and use them for different Brand reconciliations. These are the reconciliations where we store money on a float (which is like a virtual account), and the brand will invoice and charge that invoice to the float.

The issues arise when there are discrepancies between their invoice and the amount we believe we have sold. So, most of my role is trying to locate all of these differences and resolve them with the processors. Then, there will be payments to other brands by invoice to ensure that orders can continue flowing through and assisting wherever else I am needed.


What do you enjoy most about your role?

I love to work alongside the amazing team from whom I can learn so much. When there has been a bit of a discrepancy for a long period of time, finding the resolution to it can be extremely rewarding.

My favourite part of it is absolutely coaching and learning from everyone on the team.

I think this is really important to prevent isolation when working from home and also allows for people with different skill sets and approaches to problems to find unique and smart solutions.

Adam Ursell and the Finance Team Christmas PartyFinance Team fun at the Tillo Christmas Party 2022 🍹

If you had to give one piece of advice to someone looking to change careers or get into this field, what would it be?

It is really important to ensure you like data. I was amazed by the amount of data analytics that was involved in finance and discovering the underlying issues with accounts. This is what helped me learn all the elements of finance needed for my role because where I lacked knowledge and understanding of finance, I could use data analytics to see what parts of the data stood out and appeared wrong. I think it is also important to take a course in Excel if you are not proficient, as it is so critical to the role.

Looking for your next role? Tillo is hiring!

As Tillo continues to scale and evolve, we’re always interested in hearing from prospective Tillian’s who want to join our growing team 🚀

To find out more, visit our careers page, or if you’d rather jump right to it, check out our current vacancies here. If you enjoyed learning more about life at Tillo, follow us on Instagram for more!

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