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Azteco Bitcoin Gift Cards Are Now Available to Buy on the Tillo Platform!

Posted on 18 September 2023
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Author Sophia 🌱

Azteco and Tillo Announce Bitcoin Gift Card Availability to Empower Global Spending

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Azteco, the only provider of vouchers for small amounts of Bitcoin for everyday use, today announced an official partnership with Tillo, an embedded rewards and incentives platform that supercharges businesses with sustainable growth.

Through the collaboration, Azteco bitcoin vouchers are now available on Tillo’s fastest-growing global e-gift card network, operating in 37 markets and 16 currencies!

Azteco vouchers can be fulfilled online and at hundreds of thousands of retail locations in 190+ countries, enabling people to spend, save, and send small amounts of Bitcoin to friends, family, and merchants. During October 2023, all Azteco vouchers purchased through the Tillo Platform will benefit from an additional discount.

"This partnership with Azteco reflects our unwavering commitment to innovation and providing the most seamless experience possible for consumers across the globe”, said Alex Preece, Tillo CEO & Co-Founder. “As Tillo's platform continues to lead the industry, our mission remains clear: empowering businesses and fostering loyalty through robust rewards and incentives. Together, we're redefining the landscape of digital spending opportunities and paving the way for a more financially inclusive future."


The partnership between Azteco and Tillo represents a significant stride towards achieving financial inclusivity on a global scale. By enabling individuals across different corners of the world to purchase, hold, and trade in small denominations of Bitcoin, consumers who traditionally might have felt left out of the digital currency revolution now have an opportunity to participate.

This not only broadens the scope of financial empowerment but also offers individuals more retail spending options, bridging the gap between bitcoin and everyday purchases.

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