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How Can a Gift Card API Help You With Customer Acquisition and Retention?

Posted on 17 August 2023
Read time 2 mins
Author Sophia 🌱

At first glance, digital gift cards may seem like little more than a straightforward gifting solution. But dig a little deeper, and you'll find that gift cards are more than just for gifting; they're a potent tool that can unlock a world of possibilities for businesses eyeing to bolster their customer acquisition, engagement, and retention strategies. 

Couple the power of digital gift cards with an industry-leading API, and you’ve got yourself the recipe for some next-level customer engagement. 

Want to find out more? Delve into this post to uncover why a gift card API could be the answer to all of your burning questions. 

Step into the future with direct integration to 2000+ global gift card brands

The concept of using gift cards as a customer reward or incentive isn't new. However, using an API to access a whole bunch of them digitally, swiftly, and easily is. 

Instead of forging individual partnerships with brands, which can be time-consuming and restrictive, a gift card API allows you to tap into an extensive catalog of gift cards seamlessly, creating a reservoir of opportunities to attract, engage, and retain your customers by catering to a myriad of their preferences.

One integration, global connection, endless possibilities. 

Tillo's Award Winning Gift Card API on desktop laptop

Integrating with a gift card API should be a breeze

We get it; tech integrations have a reputation for being costly, time-consuming, and painfully slow. This is why we’ve made it our mission to blow away those cobwebs and ensure your integration with our gift card API is a breeze. 

This isn’t our first rodeo! Our experienced team of engineers and exceptional customer service team have helped hundreds of businesses just like yours to get up and running with their API integration - some partners even get up and running within a few days!

And it's a journey worth taking!

Besides getting to work with some of the friendliest faces in the gift card industry (Tillo!), integration to our gift card API also brings a whole host of other benefits to businesses looking to reap the many benefits of digital gift cards. 

📈 Scalability: As your business grows, so can your reward offerings. With an API, expanding your reward range doesn't require additional contracts or integrations; it scales with you.

🛍️ Diversity: Gain access to a wide variety of brands under one roof. This means you can cater to the diverse preferences of your customer base without the added complexity of managing multiple brand relationships.

🔗 Efficiency: Say goodbye to individual negotiations and contracts. With a single integration, you can unlock countless reward possibilities, saving you both time and administrative headaches.

📊 Data Insights: Integrated platforms, like Tillo’s, also provide valuable insights into your gift card data, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and refine your reward strategies over time.

Tillo-team-on-desktop-dashboard-2 (1)

Ready to learn more? Let us answer your questions. 

In case it wasn’t obvious, we quite like talking about digital gift cards. Whether you have more questions about our gift card API, want to see the Tillo Platform in action, or simply want to say hello, then get in touch.

Don’t fancy a chat? That’s ok too.

Check out this free guide: Accelerating Business Growth with Digital Gift Cards - 7 Ways to Win - to learn more about the potential of digital gift cards and the game-changing power of a gift card API.  (Don’t worry, there isn’t a form to fill out 😉).


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