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Christmas - why you should make gift cards part of your strategy

Posted on 27 October 2021 Read time 2 mins
Author Tillo

This year Christmas spending is set to look more like it did pre-pandemic. Whilst online shopping has more than doubled its share of retail sales in the last 18 months, the high street is also set do well in the last quarter of the year.[1] With consumers anticipated to make Christmas extra special this year, we’re predicting a bumper time for retailers as demand continues to rise. This is great news for businesses, especially those who are already reaping the rewards of a gift card strategy.

Post-pandemic, we’re also seeing a rise in remote corporate gifting which can offer up big opportunities for brands. We’ve recently launched two new solutions to help with this. We’re making it easy to bulk buy gift cards for employees this Christmas even if they’re somewhere else in the world as we offer international brands in nearly 30 countries.

As we move into the festive season, here’s what we’re predicting:


Eco-friendly and ethical gifts on the rise

In 2019 the UK Gift Card & Voucher Association estimated that 20% of gifts – some 120m items – would be headed for landfill on Boxing Day.[2]

Now more than ever before we’re anticipating a new wave of shoppers focused on buying ethical, eco-friendly gifts as well as locally sourced food and drink. With so much waste generated over the festive period many shoppers are turning to gift cards and vouchers to ensure that the recipient can purchase something that they will treasure, not trash.


Ecommerce to come out on top

Already this year global retail data shows that ecommerce sales were 24% higher than pre-pandemic levels. With uncertainty remaining around local lockdowns, supply chain issues and restrictions, we’re anticipating that online sales will continue to be strong, offering people convenience, 24-hour availability and safety.


Christmas spend is increasing

Thirty percent of consumers are planning to spend more this year with many looking forward to larger celebrations after a long period of stress and disruption[3]. With this in mind, many have already started to think about their Christmas shopping and so brands need to engage with consumers early whilst also considering how they are interacting and how they are making them feel. Brands that get this right early on will be the real winners.


If this has got you thinking about whether you’re making the most of the festive period then do get in touch. Or, if you’re in charge of corporate gifting for teams of employees you can talk to us about our solution for bulk buying gift cards.


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