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Boosting Engagement by 98%: Virgin Media O2's Success Using Ocasta Engage & Tillo Rewards

Posted on 19 October 2023
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Author Sophia 🌱

Virgin Media O2 Reports 98% Engagement Rate and a Surge in Employee Recognition Through Ocasta Engage App With Rewards and Incentives Powered by Tillo


Tillo, the embedded rewards and incentives platform that supercharges growth using the power of digital e-gift cards throughout the customer life cycle, is proud to announce a partnership with Ocasta, a provider of frontline performance apps. 

With access to Tillo's extensive digital rewards network of over 2,000 global brands, Ocasta’s comms and training app, Ocasta Engage, is now able to offer businesses an unparalleled solution to help them streamline and improve engagement and recognition

"Our partnership with Ocasta reaffirms our commitment to connecting businesses with global brands that people love," said Alex Preece, CEO and Founder at Tillo.

"We’re thrilled to hear that through Ocasta Engage and thanks to Tillo’s extensive brand network, organizations such as Virgin Media O2 are now driving unprecedented levels of engagement and recognition that is helping them to drive sustainable growth."


“With an easy integration and very little development, we were able to quickly bring 2,000 brands onto Ocasta Engage thanks to Tillo”, said Ben Collier, co-founder at Ocasta.

“Seamlessly making recognition and reward happen ‘in the moment’ has meant our customers' workforces feel more valued and are more engaged with their comms, training, and most importantly, their role”.


Ocasta Engage, known for "cutting through the noise of other workplace tools," gives staff the power to sell and exceed their customers' expectations. Virgin Media O2, a user of Ocasta Engage, has seen a 98% engagement rate with the Ocasta Engage app, a performance far beyond any of their existing corporate tools.

"We've never had a performance like this with any of our comms platforms,"

- Jody Myers, Head of Business Planning, Engagement & Communications at Virgin Media O2.


In addition to its targeted communication capabilities, Ocasta Engage also streamlines the rewards and recognition process. By partnering with Tillo, Ocasta Engage empowers staff to hand out digital rewards from the same app. This has led to a significant increase in the number of rewards and recognition being handed out every month with Virgin Media O2, witnessing a staggering increase from 800 to 3,000 recognitions.

"We’ve seen an insane uplift in recognition,"

- Sarah Walton, Engagement Coordinator at Virgin Media O2.


This partnership between Tillo and Ocasta will enable businesses to further improve their communications and recognition programs by giving them access to the brands people love via the convenient delivery system of the Ocasta Engage app. 

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About Tillo

Tillo is an embedded rewards and loyalty platform that drives sustainable and profitable growth for businesses by connecting them to rewards and incentives from 2000+ global brands and helping them unlock innovative and profitable use cases for digital cards. 

Tilli’s plug-and-go API provides a seamless connection to the brands people love, making it possible to manage and deliver rewards and incentives with one integration. Tillo is the fastest-growing global e-gift card network, operating in 37 markets and 16 currencies, and has processed more than $2 billion worth of gift cards to date.

For further information, visit http://www.tillo.io


About Ocasta

Ocasta believes the most important people in your organisation are those talking to customers.

The Ocasta suite of apps amplifies the performance of your frontline teams by delivering the comms, learning, knowledge, insights, recognition, and coaching when it matters.

Ocasta apps are easy to understand, easy to buy, easy to use, and easy to get along with.

Learn more at https://ocasta.com

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