Onboard thousands of retailers to your cashback platform



Tillo instantly connects you with thousands of the world’s best-loved retailers. That means higher engagement with your cashback platform, better savings for your consumers, and more sales for the retailers you work with.




Unrivalled choice, exclusive rates

We connect your platform with 1000s of retailers via a single API connection, and allow you to pass on exclusive cashback rates and seasonal promotions to your consumers.

More for consumers, more for you

When your customers redeem their account balance as a voucher their money goes much further, and you get to enjoy significantly lower transaction fees compared to bank transfers and PayPal.

Easy set up and powerful tools

Wave goodbye to complex API integrations, managing multiple floats, and tracking everything on spreadsheets. Tillo does all of the heavy lifting for you. Easily manage promotions and monitor sales data in real time. Everything you need is housed within our powerful hub.

Find out how we helped Quidco to offer their consumers more choice


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Connect consumers with more of the retailers they love